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Is it legal for me to buy and take CBD oil?


Now that we have that over, let’s explain how and why, as there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what is legal, what is not, where it is legal, and how it all fits into the big picture.

Federal law as of the signing of the 2014 Farm Bill on December 20, 2018 makes it legal for any hemp product containing less than 0.3% THC to be manufactured and sold in the United States. Seems pretty straightforward and simple, right? Well, not quite.

By doing this, without corrections to the Controlled Substance Act, which is nebulous at best about Cannabis at this time, the DEA, having lowered without much aplomb products with under 0.1% THC content to a Class 5 instead of a Class 1 on the federal schedule, put the states in control of their own destiny. Since both the FDA and the DEA control the CSA, it has become even more of a quagmire, as the FDA is who wanted hemp on the farm bill in the first place to make it legal once again to grow as an agricultural crop. As of this writing, 33 states have legalized medical Cannabis and another 11 have made recreational use legal. That now includes Ohio, who was still arresting sellers of CBD in May, 2019, and Florida, who was arresting 69 year old great-grandmothers at the same time for having CBD in their possession even though recommended by their doctor. (Ohio has since decriminalized and the judge threw great-grandma’s case out of court and dismissed the charge.) It is really important that you look at current information, because Cannabis laws are literally changing daily as research shows more and more positive promise for use in wellness and industry.

The problem for the seller and great grandma? What was actually in the CBD that didn’t belong there.

We can not emphasise enough, know who you are buying CBD products from, how they are making their product, and read their third party independent test results. It is estimated that only 30% of the products out there are accurately labeled, or contain what they claim.

In the case of the great-grandmother, security guards saw her bottle, which she used for arthritis, labeled that it contained no THC. It tested positive. The case was later thrown out of court, but it is indicative of why Vid’s parent company HPN is so strongly involved in working towards self-regulation and standardized labeling as well as testing standards for all processing companies and sellers of any CBD product. We know from experience that many products are hemp seed oil that while healthy has zero cannabinoids, and much is being labeled CBD and sold at prices sometimes hundreds of times over the cost of inexpensive hemp seed oil. There are also a lot of products that contain things not listed, or not listed accurately, and some of them are harmful. This is currently being scrutinized heavily, especially in CBD vape oil smoking products, as some products have additives that quickly break down on the shelf, turning the contents into aldehydes and acetyls that are flat dangerous when ignited and inhaled.

That is why you will always find full disclosure on all Vid-CBD products, with current independent third party lab analysis readily available, including not only cannabinoid and terpene analysis, but pesticide, pathogen, and other reports all in easy to read, fully disclosed format.

We care about the quality of our products and the health and safety of our customers, and we want you to have access to organically raised and processed CBD hemp oil that has everything in it, is bioavailable for your wellness and well being*, and is safe. You deserve to get what you think you are paying for, too. We stand behind every bottle, jar, tin, or container of any product we offer, 100%. Every ingredient in our products is clearly listed in easy to understand language and measurements on every container. When you see 300 mg, you know there are 300 mg of wide spectrum CBD hemp extract in that 30 ml bottle, the rest being MCT (coconut oil that is processed to make it more bioavailable). We want you to know exactly what you are getting, every time.

Total sphere aerial CBD oil is not psychoactive, meaning it cannot alter your mind state or “get you high”. It contains well below the federally mandated limits for 9-delta tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. To be legal to sell, any product from hemp must be at or below 0.3% (.003 out of 100) THC content. If you check the independent third party laboratory tests we regularly post and update with each batch processed, you will find all Vid products are well below the federal maximum levels required for THC.

Please note, however, even with these very low levels, if you are submitting for a very finely tuned, sensitive screening, you could potentially show “positive” even though what you are using for your wellness* is well within all legal guidelines. This is similar to what people in some professions face if they eat a roll with poppy seeds on it, and then test positive for opiates. It is advised you always disclose to your doctor, and to any testing facility, if you are utilizing cannabidiol oil if you are in a sensitive profession subject to sensitive screening procedures, just to be completely safe.

With regard to legality, a little history is needed to best answer the question of if and how it is legal to buy, own, and use CBD oil. CBD is legal to use in all 50 states and has been, even before the signing of the federal Farm Bill in December 2018.  Surprised? Don’t be. 

There has been a lot of grey harbarly-garbardly about what the regulations really say about extracts from the Cannabis plant over the years, because it states clearly, sort of, not really, that extracts or any products made from the Cannabis plant were not legal. The whole purpose was to not make anything containing THC legal and readily available. States stepped in and began to pass in their state legislatures or through voter referendum the option of medical marijuana, first, then later recreational marijuana, based on decades of research, historical data, law enforcement information, medical research, and other sources showing that not only were there mountains of evidence over many years showing that Cannabis could provide potential relief for a myriad of ailments* but also there was no evidence to support the previous notion that those who consumed it would become violent, addicted, move on to stronger forms of recreation, or other problems that could ensue.

It is still illegal in all states to operate motor vehicles under the influence of any intoxicant – alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. Does this mean it is illegal for you to use CBD oil and drive? No, it is perfectly legal to use your CBD oil. You do need to know what it in it, unlike the great-grandmother who got arrested. Know what you are buying and using, and if the company is reliable and transparent like Vid-CBD, and you will be in good shape.

It does mean if you use a product with THC content and you get stopped, though, a DUI is a DUI. We have one answer to the question – Drive responsibly. If you are taking full spectrum CBD oil and you get sleepy – don’t drive. You are still responsible for and in charge of safety for yourself and others.

Voters realized that potential benefits far outweighed the cost of enforcement over questions of very grey areas previously pushed as an agenda against hemp. They also saw that applications available of industrial hemp for farming, construction, biofuel, manufacturing, biodegradable products and more as a sustainable, renewable resource were enormous, potentially surpassing the vast medicinal potential. The evidence over 70 years just was not present to support arguments against Cannabis as a whole, and science became a lot more refined and could explain the differences between THC, CBD, industrial hemp and Cannabis grown for medical or recreational use.

The bottom line is yes, it is legal to buy, own, possess, use, drop in your smoothie or coffee or on your pizza or whatever you please to do with your Vid-CBD oil. We know you will find many ways to appreciate our pure, organic growing standards and processing to bring you the finest wide spectrum CBD hemp oil products on the market, hands down. You can always rest assured that 100% of the time you will know exactly what is in your product. We even triple seal every product we sell, just to make sure no one tampers with anything. We want you safe, sure, and happier. You might have to educate a few folks along the way, though, so keep an eye on new information we regularly post under our Learn menu.

Please remember that everyone responds to total sphere CBD oil differently, and when you change dosages you need to do it so you can pay attention to your own response. In some situations full spectrum CBD hemp oil can ease anxiety and improve relaxation*, leading to sleepiness or being drowsy when your body gives up all those fight or flight hormones. Please, do not drive or operate machinery or do anything that can get you or someone else injured when you up dosages until you know how your system will react. You would not be relaxed any longer and we would be sad if something so unnecessary, happened. We want you to take care of yourself responsibly, and at Vid, that includes those around you, too.

Monitor your own response and know your system and what triggers it, to be safe. As for those you have to educate, well, we know that you need the most up-to-date information available about what the new research is showing and what is going on in the exciting world of hemp. Check back regularly with us for updates on our blog pages and on our website content, as the world of hemp is truly a great cosmic frontier, all of it good for you. We will do our best to keep you well informed.

You have our word on that.


Healthier humans  Happier pets  Hopeful planet  Naturally passing it forward, one drop at a time. *HPN products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any diseas. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult with your doctor before modifying your diet or taking new products.
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