CBD Isolate …what is it? CBD isolate is chemically refined CBD that has none of the other cannabinoids, flavonoids, or other helpful components that work in union to provide the best chance of optimum results for your wellness*. Often sold as a colorless crystal, reconstituted in a carrier oil, or mixed with what is labeled …

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How CBD is Consumed

There are many ways to add Cannabidiol Oil to your daily routine, including: Smoking CBD involves actively combusting, or burning, the CBD oil. There are reasons to do this, but most of them center around not having equipment to do otherwise, you are adding it to something else to smoke, or you are looking for …

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Can I be allergic to CBD? While there may be an allergic reaction in some people, there have been very few negative responses in people who have utilized CBD oil correctly at recommended dosage levels that have been reported*. Most of the literature out is based on allergies to the actual Cannabis plant, and it …

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Terpenes and Cannaflavins

Terpenes Pack a Powerful Punch Besides Smelling So Good Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in Cannabis, as well as flowers, plants, some insects and even animals. Terpenes have some interesting history, as they were discovered researching turpentine and rosin, that sticky goo stuff called pitch that runs down pine trees and is put on violin …

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

What is total sphere, wide spectrum CBD oil? When you are looking for wellness and potential health benefits, you need to use a wide spectrum product grown under watchful organic conditions like what we do at Vid. The reason comes in threes – synergy, symbiotic, and adaptogenic. While it is true you can get CBD …

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How Should I Feel?

How Should I Feel When I take Organic CBD Oil? If you mean how are your going to feel health wise, wellness wise, that is up to you and your body. We will talk about that in a minute. If you are talking about “will I get high or euphoric or agitated or stoned or …

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Legal to purchase

Is it legal for me to buy and take CBD oil? Yes. Now that we have that over, let’s explain how and why, as there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what is legal, what is not, where it is legal, and how it all fits into the big picture. Federal law …

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of 485 natural occurring compounds currently identified made by Cannabis plants. Since the industrial hemp form of Cannabis was just recently legalized once again in the US, information is changing and expanding dynamically. This number may well increase as research proceeds, because both formal scientific researchers and self-reporting …

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