CBD Isolate …what is it?

CBD isolate is chemically refined CBD that has none of the other cannabinoids, flavonoids, or other helpful components that work in union to provide the best chance of optimum results for your wellness*. Often sold as a colorless crystal, reconstituted in a carrier oil, or mixed with what is labeled hemp extract, hemp terpenes, or other compounds, it often is isolated through strong chemical extraction and heat distillation. Any blend needs to be examined carefully as upon further inspection many of them are not accurate on their ingredients, residuals, what they are mixed with, and the source of the terpenes often added.

Is Isolate Safe to Use?

CBD isolate gained some popularity after several world sports agencies dropped it from the “doping list” of illegal drugs for athletes to use for performance enhancement. There is still some controversy as research continues about whether or not it should classify as a performance enhancing “drug”, but the arguments revolve around it being a “natural” product. Honestly, it is probably more risky to consume isolate than many things, as it is a very strong component that misused can be dangerous. It takes such tiny amounts that few people have the proper equipment to weigh what is needed and end up far over exceeding safe dosages.

Isolate is refined through harsh chemical applications to get it into that colorless, crystalline state. There is strong evidence showing vaping pure isolate damages respiratory tissue, and due to the miniscule amounts that are even close to “safe” and virtually un-measurable without expensive titration equipment (and few processing plants own, let alone Joe mixing in his garage), our stand is it simply is not safe. Isolate can cause respiratory and other damage when taken above recommended doses via vaping equipment. Temperature control and accurate measurement with a cross-checking system for weight needs to be in place. Our recommendation is to use a product from Vid-CBD that is total spectrum and safe.

You also need to know that burning pure isolate can deoxylate it sufficiently to change it into THC, meaning you can get a buzz, which is why some people choose to use it over other compounds. You would test positive on a drug test per all reliable data and research. If you are in a fully recreationally legal state, or have a legal medical Cannabis card and a prescription, you would most likely be ok. If you are not, and do not, it could be a problem. It is also nearly impossible to control or regulate the conversion, so you truly have no idea how much of what you have created you are consuming.

How does it compare to wide spectrum CBD oil?

Isolate is not wide spectrum and does not offer any entourage effect, any other cannabinoids, no terpenes, no flavonoids, or anything else in it that research is finding are so critical as to how the entire spectrum of over 485 compounds found in Cannabis work together to provide benefit*. Our feeling is that isolate, used for pharmacological preparations dealing with life threatening illnesses, needs to be left strictly to the professionals and has potential for those purposes, as shown by recently approved epilepsy drugs. We do not feel it is safe, or advisable for the average consumer, however. It burns at a flash point that can change the chemical composition, and depending on what it is processed with or blended with, it can convert to acetyl compounds that cause serious damage to respiratory tissues and can lead to hospitalization and permanent injury.

The purpose of pure, organic CBD oil is to gain the natural gift of the entourage effect and how the entire group of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes work together. There are no known serious side effects, no addiction issues, no tissue damage that results from use of complete spectrum hemp extract. Vid-CBD oil is an organic product that has a wide range of the components found in the hemp plant. Why use something less that can easily put your health at risk, and does not provide what your body needs for wellness*?

You have our word on that.

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