How Should I Feel?

How Should I Feel When I take Organic CBD Oil?

If you mean how are your going to feel health wise, wellness wise, that is up to you and your body. We will talk about that in a minute. If you are talking about “will I get high or euphoric or agitated or stoned or get the munchies or frightened” or so many other things that are misapplied to CBD oil, well, no, you won’t. Those reactions are all based on various responses people usually exhibit when they have been taking or using something that contains THC or THC oil, the common psychoactive agent that is one of the cannabinoids in some strains of Cannabis, or a product with THC blended in.

Psychoactive response, also called psychotropic response, is a function of the brain responding most often to a chemical stimulant of some type that causes particular sets of reactions in the body or brain of the subject. The reactions will vary according to the other cannabinoids in the compound (or what kind of Cannabis it is), what else is in the person’s system (alcohol, prescription medications or other kinds of intoxicants), their emotional or psychological state going into the experience, the location and surroundings they are in when they are experiencing it, their physical condition and/or any illnesses or issues you are experiencing… you get the idea, lots and lots of things affect how you feel if you are having a psychoactive experience.

CBD oil has undergone a number of research projects and the most commonly reported aftereffects include less anxiety, increased or reduced appetite (depending on other cannabinoids), reduction in nausea, sleepiness or alertness, reduction of blood pressure, reduction in cravings, less inflammation or neuralgic discomfort, and other responses*. Due to the interaction and balancing that occurs during attachment and exchange between the cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, different responses occur in different people under different circumstances. Some of the response also has to do with the intensity (quantity of CBD and other compounds) of the available spectrum in the CBD oil, and the person’s own body and metabolism. Weight, height, diet, health issues, and other factors may affect how you respond.

Each person’s system is a bit different and responds differently when you take hemp oil. Total sphere aerial hemp extract or oil is also very different than hemp seed soil or isolate compounds such as CBD isolate oil. The cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in Cannabis work synergistically together with a much better outcome than alone science has found so far when used for overall wellness and other issues*. Each cannabinoid, whether it is CBD, CBDa, CBDb, CBG, CBN, or others, works better, often with increased potency, and with better balance for the body when all the components are available. This also holds true for terpenes, since terpenes and cannabinoids work together as part of what is called the entourage effect.

Modern stress, exposure to environmental chemicals and pollutants, blue light off our computer screens, lack of sleep, illness and medical conditions, and things we put into our bodies and probably shouldn’t all contribute to the endocannabinoid system getting out of balance. When it gets off track, even a tiny bit, there is some other neural net structure that is not getting the signals it needs to fire, work, create, transport, stop, or otherwise do its thing. By providing the multi-faceted components available in Cannabis pure spectrum CBD oil, the body is given the additional building blocks it needs to correct, align, clear, function, and unjam those neurotransmitter messages so the cells know what they are supposed to be doing. Basically CBD reboots the body’s reset button. While single components within hemp extract can help, they are limited in their individual scope as to what they can achieve by what science is observing. When they have the community of components, however, the body has what it needs to fine tune.

You might be asking, “Well, what about the THC then? It is not in there.” Actually, it is, in a very miniscule amount. In fact, about 85% of the cannabinoids and terpenes are in minuscule amounts. It does not take a lot for the body to find what it needs and utilize it. It is similar to baking a cake. It does not take a lot of leavening at all to make it rise, working on all the big amounts of flour and other ingredients to combine and create a final positive outcome – a cake.

Hemp seed oil will generally not provide any physical or psychological response you are able to feel and acknowledge, but will provide omega fatty acids that are healthy. Isolate is pure crystalline CBD usually processed by means of strong chemicals and high temperatures. Since CBD works by far the best, according to all the valid studies around the world, in community in the body when it has all the other components found in the Cannabis plant to work with, isolate can only do very limited things. It is also extremely strong, can be dangerous, can easily cause damage when smoked or vaped, and should only be used under the direct care of a knowledgeable physician. It is also more susceptible to becoming unstable in solution.

What we have learned, though, is to date there has never been an overdose, allergic response, or other strong negative of any kind reported in any study, ever, in research involving wide spectrum, whole aerial plant CBD oil. CBD and the other cannabinoids are near full compatibility and similarity with and to the endocannabinoids the body produces. Many times the naturally produced endocannabinoids are not in sufficient quantity to handle particular issues that are influenced by other things like stress, chemicals including drugs, or hormones, to name just a few. The endocannabinoid system is able to be augmented, supplemented, or is able to increase the bodily response through the cannabinoid’s “help”, triggering the endocannabinoid system to grow, repair, fix, change, or otherwise “tweak” the body chemistry and structures to move towards homeostasis, or balance. In other words, Cannabis cannabinoids are a natural supplement to help the body get what it needs to move towards a more normal, consistent, healthy condition by working with the naturally occurring chemicals in the body in a natural way that is not harmful and mimics what is already going on or is supposed to be going on ideally. The more complete the extract, the more complete nature’s best CBD product available from Vid-CBD can provide the body’s best chance to respond and improve*.

While Cannabis is not the only plant that contains terpenes and flavonoids, it is unique because some of the flavonoids, called cannaflavins, are only found in Cannabis, as are the majority of the cannabinoids. A few of the other plants known to also have cannabinoids in varying type and quantity (so far discovered) include mangoes, clove, black pepper, Echinacea, broccoli, ginseng, and carrots. What is unique about Cannabis is the complete package of over 200 cannabinoids occurs in substantial quantities in hemp. It is like a pharmacy on a stalk for helping the human endocannabinoids do what they need to do to run nearly every system in the body.

While you may experience a feeling of calm, relaxation, less anxiety, or even sleepiness, the aftereffects of utilizing CBD oil are only positive and good from all reports. We have learned from our customers that most tired or sleepy responses result from their finally relaxing and their body letting out a big sigh of relief. There will be no midnight raids on the refrigerator, and you will not be terrified to drive. You will be completely in control of your thoughts, emotions, responses, ability to communicate, and other vital parts of being who you are. A few people, who have either overindulged or are not aware of what carrier oil is being used in their CBD oil may experience some increased intestinal function.

Hemp is also unique in that soil conditions, weather, sunshine, the amount of rain or moisture, hours of darkness, and other things all affect the production of CBD in various species and cultivars of Cannabis. Keeping hemp happy with what it prefers, and raising it from carefully selected, stable strains that have as complete as possible cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profiles, provides all the building blocks it needs to produce pure CBD once the plants are mature, harvested, processed, and blended with a stabilizing carrier like MCT. Since all cannabinoids require an oil carrier agent for the body to absorb them, it is even more important that stringent organic standards are met throughout the entire process. Vid-CBD is dedicated to providing the best quality, full spectrum, most bioavailable hemp oil CBD rich we can nurture and bottle for your wellness and well being*.

So, if you want a compact answer about “how will I feel” after using Vid-CBD oil, probably somewhere between pretty good* and awesome. Of course, a healthy lifestyle, plenty of sleep, good clean food and water and a dose of exercise go along with that, while eliminating stress and negativity in your life are part of a healthy, natural “prescription”. Total sphere CBD oil may help you deal with it all easier, and you may feel better while doing it*.

You have our word on that.

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