How CBD is Consumed

There are many ways to add Cannabidiol Oil to your daily routine, including:

Smoking CBD

involves actively combusting, or burning, the CBD oil. There are reasons to do this, but most of them center around not having equipment to do otherwise, you are adding it to something else to smoke, or you are looking for the chemical alteration that occurs when you burn/combust CBD isolate. Smoking is a relatively fast method to notice the effects of the full spectrum CBD, usually about 15 minutes or so. Combusting will nearly always loses many terpenes and other important compounds in your oil, since most people who smoke it combust it combined with other leafy products. CBD oil combusted in this manner also gives off an odor. That means it burns at about 2,000oF. While you may get fairly predictable results, you will not get the best results combusting or smoking the oil. Usually the effects are shorter lived, and are about the same level as you get from edibles. Remember if you choose to smoke, that smoke is carcinogenic. If you do decide to smoke, make sure your pre-rolls tell you exactly what the other ingredients are, and the dosages. If you choose to smoke, you may need to re-medicate sooner than with other methods. Smoking is also not nearly as efficient a delivery method as vaporizing.

Vid does not recommend smoking CBD oil due to the carcinogenic nature of smoke and the creation of other chemicals during the combustion process. If you have any respiratory issues, smoking can irritate your throat and lungs, and it is not advised. Always consult with your doctor about the best delivery method for you.


involves the heating of CBD at a low temperature just until it vaporizes and allows the user to inhale the tiny vapor droplets directly into their lungs. Most people vape by use of a wide variety of pens (that look very similar to an e-cigarette but do not produce the smoke and converted chemicals that potentially cause issues) made for straight CBD hemp oil, a concentrate that is like sticky wax, a dried out concentrate referred to as “shatter” that resemble fragments and very thin chips, and CBD infused additives that can be combined with other e- and vape liquids. Temperature control is very important when using this method as many of the terpenes have a very low volatility point, in other words, they get too hot very fast and disappear literally into thin air. The terpenes are most of what creates the various flavors that people are seeking in a vaping experience. There are advantages as a delivery system if done right, as vaping vaporizes the CBD and makes it very bioavailable in your respiratory system, very quickly, from instantly to 5-10 minutes, depending on the person. The effects crest at about 15 minutes and last several hours.

A CBD pen

used for vaping is about twice as efficient a delivery method as smoking CBD, and so far research supports that it is far less harmful to you than smoking, as long as it is not mixed with other agents that may burn differently or turn into other, more potentially harmful chemicals. Since the vaporization process eliminates combustion, the challenges are reduced significantly. Vaporizing the full spectrum CBD may lose some of the terpenes, but certainly retains many more than smoking. The vapor is much more cooling and soothing, and even some asthmatics can tolerate the vaporization process. It is important to use quality equipment when using vaporization so there are no chemicals created from the heating of the container, i.e. plastics, coatings, etc. There are also some vaporization units that resemble an aromatherapy diffuser, but they tend to not be as efficient a delivery system.

Since vaping is such an involved topic that is specialized, please refer to Vaping CBD for information about

CBD Vape Cartidges

CBD Cartidges

CBD Prefilled Cartidge

CBD Vape Juice

CBD e Liquid

CBD Concentrate

CBD Vape Pens

CBD Pods

CBD Oil Vape Pen

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Disposable Vape Pen

CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit

where we can adequately go through the details, materials, and equipment for vaporization.


There are many ways to consume full spectrum CBD oil besides having to use it straight up without a chaser. Some people want to share the health benefits, relaxation, or perking up capacity* found in full spectrum CBD oil. Since there are no known side effects and allergies are rare, you can experiment with adding CBD hemp oil to any number of consumable items without too much concern. Due to the very small amount needed, in nearly all instances there will be no change required in a recipe. When you consume edibles infused with CBD, it takes longer for the whole spectrum of compounds to affect you, as it has to pass through the digestive tract into the stomach and intestinal tract, and then is acted on by the liver. Each of these systems in the body had endocannabinoid receptors and does some uptake, but it is spread over time and over different receptors. Due to this, edibles tend to take 45 minutes to several hours to take effect, and if taken with other food, it may reduce the uptake overall. Edibles may be more relaxation inducing, too, due to the various types of endocannabinoids encountered on their journey. Due to the slower absorption rate, edibles may effectively deliver on the entourage effect for 6 or more hours.

Edibles are an extremely popular method of delivery, though. Among the various consumable items that we know people have tried, make, or are making for sale online and at your local CBD store are:


Straight up

Use your organic CBD oil and add it to smoothies, your water (spring or filtered water is best), on your salad, in your sandwich, dripped on your pizza, mixed into yogurt, partake in a parfait, dropped on to your soup if not too hot – you get the idea, nearly anything. When you mix up a smoothie, remember to make it a CBD shake for the added wellness benefits*. A couple things to remember – especially the terpenes in full spectrum CBD hemp oil are sensitive to being volatile, or gassing off and disappearing, at some fairly low heat levels. It is suggested that you do not use your pure CBD oil in food or beverages straight off the burner or poured out of the pot. While most of the cannabinoids and other components will be ok, you could lose some of the entourage benefits of full spectrum components and especially terpenes if the mixture, liquid, or item is too hot.

CBD Beverage Additives

there are mixes out there to fix up your water with hemp extract and flavoring agents. Again, some may be the real thing, but many are not. Check your ingredient label to make sure you are not getting chemicals, dyes, stabilizers, high fructose corn syrup, or other things you may or may not want mixed into your drink. This is especially important since water is critical to your healing, and increasing clean, healthy water intake helps the entourage effect overall.

CBD Infused Butters, Soft Cheeses, and Oils

Since cannabinoids and especially CBD are oily compounds, they need an oil to bond with for the best bioavailability. This allows your body to absorb more of the cannabinoids, cannaflavins, and terpenes. Many people mix full spectrum hemp oil extract into pure, organic butter, soft cheese, and even healthy oils like hemp oil, olive oil (check to make sure it is real olive oil and not a blend), avocado, or some nut oils to maximize your benefits. If you also use turmeric, it, too, needs an oil to be best bioavailable, so mixing with coconut oil, a little black pepper and CBD gives you a 1-2 punch for wellness and well-being*.

CBD Dessert Items including CBD Cookies, Brownies, Cake, Pie, Cake Pops

All jokes about Alice B. aside, what a better way to end a healthy meal or sneak a snack, than something infused with healthy CBD oil. Hemp oil works well included in cakes, cookies, pie, cake pops, and other snack items. If the item is baked, you may want to add it to the frosting if there is any, or after the item is baked and cooled if you want to retain the maximum strength and components for all the wonderful parts that make up the cooperative entourage effect in your body.

Sweet Tooth Time! You will see all kinds of CBD Candy from CBD Gummies for sale to CBD Caramels to CBD Chocolate to CBD Infused Caramel Corn to Chocolate Covered Nuts with CBD to CBD Hard Candy to CBD Lollipops to Truffles and even Peanut Butter Cups

Whew! You would think we like candy! Well, we do, human beings have a natural attraction to sweet flavors. CBD works really well in sweet items as it helps with the natural, herbal flavor of the oil. One important thing is please, remember this is a medicinal supplement product. This is not sit down with a bag and polish it off watching movies. And if you have little ones around, you need to keep your candy stash secure from the kids. You would not want your children to consume gummy multiple vitamins by the handful, nor do you want them to consume CBD infused gummies that way. While it probably would be safe, it probably would give them a tummy ache and give them a sweet rush.

Snack foods such as nuts, granola, health bars, trail mix, dried fruit, popcorn

or if you are like us, dip for your carrots and celery. Follow the same rules as dosage instructions. Too much, too fast, and you could be too asleep on your couch. Seriously, though, this is a great way if you are hiking, outside enjoying an athletic activity, or other activity to make sure you get a micro-dose to offset lactic acid buildup and potential for a stiff muscle or two*.

Coffee, tea, cocoa, and juice

Just like a smoothie, you can add your dose to the beverage of your choice. Some people do have some “dry mouth” from CBD hemp oil, and while it is usually minor, it is a reminder that we all need to drink more water. (We do explain elsewhere about “dry mouth” as it actually is proof the cannabinoids are present and doing their thing to signal your systems how to respond – see Tummy Talk.) Remember to make sure the beverage is not too hot so you don’t lose any of those superfood terpenes wafting off in the delicious steam with the terpenes from the tea or cocoa, or just drizzle it on your whipped cream with a little healthy cinnamon added. Mmmm.


Chewing gum is a great way to get a very exact dose of pure spectrum CBD oil into your daily routine. Watch for more information being released soon by Vid on this exciting product with no additives, artificial chemicals, or sweeteners in several concentrations. Natural flavoring and sweeteners make this a good alternative when you want to be sure of your dosage and do not want extra calories or ingredients from other forms, or are short on time and want a gradually delivered dose on the run.

Hemp butter and nut butters

are a terrific way to get the extra healthy oil you need to work with the cannabinoids to help them be more bioavailable. Make sure to check the ingredient label on any product of this kind to make sure what is in it, and how it was manufactured. As a rule, cold pressing is always healthier for the oils of nuts, and organic butter (as in dairy) is best.

CBD Honey and CBD Honey Sticks

we cannot think of a sweeter way to enjoy your full spectrum hemp oil than CBD honey infused with pure spectrum cannabinoid extract. Add it to your smoothie, enjoy a honey stick as a quick pick me up, and enjoy a natural, healthy food combination that is easy for your body to digest and utilize.

CBD as an ingredient with other herbs or compounds in a supplement

offers synergistic as well as increased bioavailability with CBD oil products. Of particular note are compounds of CBD with turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, schizandra, and other adaptogenic herbs that help the body adjust and increase immune response*.

CBD Water

is a bit of a misnomer as CBD is an oil and does not mix with water. HPN uses a sonicator system to create mixtures of the oils after all extraction methods in our facilities. This is a high frequency sound wave system that creates tiny particles that evenly disburse in an oily liquid, assuring consistent concentrations and balance of all the cannabinoid, terpene, phenols, and flavonoids throughout the full spectrum hemp oil. This system does not damage, destroy, or loose through off-gassing any of the components. You will see companies stating they have water soluble CBD. This is simply not possible. What they might have, if they have the equipment and laboratory access, is CBD that has been surrounded by nanoparticles of water. In order to achieve this, often multiple steps that involve temperature, pressure, and chemicals have to be used to create this artificial “molecule” out of polymers (usually a non-toxic plastic or resin) of water. Vid’s researchers do not feel it is good or necessary to create an unnatural form for the body to try to break down and utilize when Mother Nature does it so well to start with.

There is little research at this time showing any consumer advantage in this process. It is, however, valuable to deliver certain components or individual cannabinoids to particular types of endocannabinoid receptors for treatment of some difficult to treat medical conditions currently being researched. Save your money, get yourself some really pure spring water and put your dose in it and enjoy. You will get the full spectrum of the available components in the hemp oil as well as one of your glasses of water today. We promise it is a lot better for you, unless the doctor tells you to take something he is experimenting with. And please, use a recyclable or reusable container. We sure don’t need more plastic washing up on our beaches or floating in our beautiful oceans.

Body Products abound as CBD products

that help in so many ways. One of the first recognized uses for CBD topical products was CBD cream for pain relief and shampoo and conditioner. It is thought that the various elements in full spectrum CBD help alleviate scalp issues, and help strengthen and “feed” the hair follicles. Pain cream is another area of much work in testing and application, and many self-reporting citizen scientists have stated good to great results, fast, with pain creams. HPN offers several forms of CBD topical cream and pain cream, as well as child strength and a CBD muscle rub for recovery from working out or overdoing it.

Among the many products for “exterior” body use are:

CBD Anti-itch cream

CBD Cream/Body butter

CBD Lotion

CBD Muscle Rub

CBD Patches

CBD Salve

CBD infused Soap

CBD Hair conditioner

CBD Lip Balm

CBD infused Massage Oil

CBD Pain Salve or Ointment

CBD Roll-On

CBD infused Shampoo

CBD Natural Sunblock

Many of the topical application products have other ingredients. It is always a good idea to read the labels carefully to make certain that the compound is natural, organic, does not have artificial chemicals, fragrances, or stabilizers, or other things you do not want to move directly through your skin into your bloodstream. This is very important, as CBD binds directly with endocannabinoid receptors and may produce direct, but not as distinct for the overall body, responses as to full spectrum CBD. This is especially advantageous if your dosage makes you sleepy.

Cannabidiol oil

which generally is cannabinoid oil with all the other good stuff thrown in, is a natural oil and is highly compatible with the human integumentary, or skin and it’s layers, system. Many people report that full spectrum CBD topical cream helps alleviate psoriasis, eczema, and other skin irritations, helps clear the sebaceous glands (and thus, acne), and make skin softer and more supple. The response to topical application of CBD infused products tends to be rapid, helping to reduce inflammation and a range of other concerns*. In states where allowed, many therapists are now using CBD oil massage to help clients relax more fully and to condition skin. All HPN topical products are carefully formulated and we vet all suppliers of auxiliary materials used to compound our body products.

Pet Products

are one of the most exciting research areas at the moment for full spectrum CBD. Animals tend to heal with natural products well, and in ways we do not always understand. There are CBD chews, CBD treats, and CBD supplements available for dogs, cats, livestock, and adjusted doses of full spectrum CBD oil may be used for wellness with many animals. In particular CBD oil is looking promising for use with arthritic pets, to help them move easier and in more comfort*. You most often will see CBD for Dogs, but most animal products can be used between species. Always consult your veterinarian before giving any supplements of any kind to your pet or livestock. Some species have particular negative reactions to things you would not imagine, so always talk to the veterinarian first.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

generally is oil containing as complete as possible a profile of all available cannabinoids, cannaflavins (flavonoids), phenols and terpenes contained in the industrial hemp plant. Vid-CBD utilizes the entire aerial plant, leaves, stems, hurd (stalk) and flowers. We take extreme care to process our totally organic hemp in highly controlled, sterile laboratory processing conditions, with third party laboratory analysis posted to our website for each batch. Our organic CBD oil is blended with MCT – medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil to provide product stability, improved bioavailability, and to be able to provide exact concentration standards so you know exactly what you are getting in every product we sell.

Wide spectrum CBD oil is generally used as an oil, often in spray form, as a mixture you take sublingually (under your tongue), or added to food or beverages. There are a lot of forms you will see CBD listed as being manufactured, processed, and CBD oil for sale direct or where you can buy CBD oil online. When you go to buy CBD oil it is worth the time to read what each of these forms is, since there seems to be a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what they are, and how you tell what you are getting, especially regarding concentration levels.


are the “real” vape pens for CBD concentrates. A CBD pen consists of chambers that are usually quartz glass, ceramic, or stainless steel and a mouthpiece, plus a heating coil generally made from titanium, quartz, or ceramic that heats the concentrate and vaporizes it into tiny droplets without producing smoke. It is thought to be a safer method of ingestion than smoking as no carcinogenic compounds are created. Most units allow you to regulate the coil temperature to maximize access to the full spectrum of terpenes and other compounds in the concentrate.

CBD Capsules

usually gelatin capsules that have an inert or herbal material (sometimes hemp) that has been infused with CBD, or some are lecithin based oil infused with CBD. Helpful for dosage control, they take longer to take effect due to having to dissolve in the stomach and process through the intestinal tract. Capsules is often confused with the use of the term for soft gel or pillow shaped “pills” filled with CBD oil and often a carrier such as MCT or lecithin it has been blended into. Soft gels are an advantage for consumers who dislike the herbal natural flavor of wide spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Concentrate

 is a sticky, gummy, often firm concentrate oil, usually from the flower. Depending on how concentrated and what compounds are in it, it may be crystalline in nature and very hard. Often used to capture the most terpene content, concentrate is mostly used in vaping equipment or smoked, which then loses some of the terpene content. It can sometimes be consumed directly but may upset the stomach according to some self-reporting researchers.

CBD Crumble

is another name for CBD Wax, a dried and left to crackle and crumble early extract that is consumed by dabbing (a dab is any form of concentrate that must be vaporized) usually in some sort of vaporization equipment. It has a distinct, waxy texture and feel to it, as well as a distinct flavor and taste. Crumble should not be consumed directly. Crumble, wax, and shatter most often are created with butane hydrocarbon extraction, in order to reduce the oils and to remove any extraneous materials. Previously thought safe, crumbles, waxes and shatters that are dabbed on a hot article or smoked, rather than vaporized, are under scrutiny for hydrocarbon and carcinogenic compounds that may be created.

CBD Extract

is any type of oil and/or CBD compounds removed and then mixed, dried, or other- wise processed. It may be a final product but more often than not is mixed with some sort of carrier oil to stabilize for storage, make it more bioavailable, and most importantly, to be able to standardize concentrations.

Full spectrum hemp oil

Hemp oil that contains the full, wide spectrum of all available cannabinoids, cannaflavins (flavonoids), phenols and terpenes, carefully extracted by methods that do not employ any temperature that can affect terpene content, alter the raw cannabinoid content, or artificial chemicals or solvents used that alter the chemistry of the oil. Readily bioavailable, begins to process immediately with sublingual use, and it is probably the closest to what could be called “active CBD oil” in its most basic form.

Hemp extract from aerial parts

generally refers to hemp oil that is extracted from the entire aerial components of the industrial hemp plant. This includes flower, not just the leaves and hurd, or stem. Some companies separate their flower to sell separate, but this significantly reduces the variety and intensity of the spectrum of available compounds, especially terpenes and cannaflavins (flavonoids) that end up in the full spectrum hemp oil. All HPN products are made with all aerial (above ground) parts of the hemp plant. This is an important distinction for two reasons, the one listed above, and the fact that hemp has a high level of phytoremediation as one of its talents. This means that hemp takes pollutants, chemicals, radiation, industrial waste, and other things you do not want in soil out of the soil and stores the gunk in the root system. While HPN grows all Vid hemp on organic, been that way for a very long time if not always, ground, we know that making sure our plants are harvested and separated correctly, with no root mass, gives us even purer product.

Hemp oil

is the rather generic name applied to many products ranging from CBD extract to hemp seed oil to biofuel oil to whatever it seems to fit. This is why HPN has worked hard for standardization of terminology among all producers so the public knows what they are purchasing and using. Hemp seed oil and hemp oil are very different if you are talking hemp seed oil cold pressed from hemp seed containing zero cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids, or hemp oil, which does. Make sure to read labels thoroughly, because unscrupulous sellers will say one thing, and bottle another, and often are very evasive in what they say.


is the colorless, crystalline form that purified CBD takes on when it is “isolated” from all the other compounds. Isolate is best used in medicine under medical supervision only. It is a very strong, potentially dangerous material if used incorrectly or in high dosage, and very few private people own the expensive titration and laboratory equipment needed to measure out the miniscule doses that are within medically suggested ranges. CBD isolate will not provide the entourage effect, will not effectively bind cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid system, or provide most of the desired and sought effects full spectrum CBD is reputed to offer. It is produced by harsh chemical reaction, and is usually reconstituted for use by athletes for recovery from exercise induced fatigue, or as a vaping product. Vid strongly urges you to only consider isolate after careful investigation and talking to your physician for advice. You will never see a pure isolate product offered by Vid-CBD as our research indicates it is not overall safe, and does not offer the benefits we seek to offer our customers.

CBD Joints, known as pre-rolls or blunts some places

are Cannabis cigarettes. They are formed and pre-rolled for convenience, sometimes with just CBD oil on the paper but usually in tandem with some form of leafy herb, including industrial hemp leaf, to make rolling and smoking easier. If hemp is used, the joints are below the federal maximum THC allowable content of 0.3%. Joints are probably the least efficient delivery method to access the cannabinoids and other components in total spectrum hemp oil. It also adds the additional issue of smoke, which does convert some chemicals to those creating carcinogenic effects. That said, if someone tells you they are lightin’up a doobie, it is not the little needy guy in Harry Potter and it does not have a Brother, but you can bet they are older than dirt.


as it refers to hemp are lipids and fat-based trichomes held in the cells and glands of the hemp plant. If other words, plant fat that is sticky, aromatic, and crystallizes easily from a thick, clear state. This is fat we like, and no need to put them on a diet.

CBD Pills

are another name for gel caps, or CBD capsules. Most often when referring to CBD pills it is a referral to oil filled gel caps or nanoparticle water solutions.

Pure spectrum hemp oil or Pure Spectrum CBD

 are terms used similar to full spectrum, but are not defined in the industry. Generally used to talk about organic cannabinoid oils using the full aerial plant that provide a wide assortment of compounds from hemp, grown and produced under organic methods.

Therapeutic grade

has no legal definition, but has come to mean a grade of oils or essential oils that are as pure as possible with no fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients, harmful components, and that offer efficient, high levels of bioavailability of all components.


is one form of dab material hemp extract concentrates are made into. It is translucent, generally a pale green or yellow, red, or amber-brown color, and breaks into tiny pieces, hence “shatters” when it is used. The translucency has nothing to do with purity, rather, with how it is manufactured. Shatter is primarily used for smoking and vape style consumption.

CBD Spray

is one form cannabidiol/cannabinoid extracts come in for daily use. It is made by suspending CBD or hemp extract in Vitamin E, olive oil, or other oils, sometimes with fatty acids blended in for viscosity and shelf life, and is administered from a spray bottle into the mouth and swallowed. It is a convenient and easy way to use CBD oil as a supplement.

CBD Tincture

refers to a compound or extract that is mixed or suspended in an alcohol solution. Many companies refer to their products as pure CBD tinctures, and they truly are not, as alcohol would have to be listed as a primary ingredient, sometimes along with water.

Water encapsulated

CBD products are primarily in research capacity at this time, as it involves creating nanoparticles of water around a CBD particle. CBD and all cannabinoids are oil compounds and will not mix with water.


 is another form of concentrated CBD oil reduced to give it a waxy, sticky texture. It is primarily used for smoking and in a CBD oil vape pen.

We are sure there will continue to be new ways to use and utilize complete spectrum cannabinoid extract that will become available in the future, and we will keep you updated as we learn about those methods. Meanwhile, find one that works for you, use it at the same times each day, remember to keep products where kids and pets are not going to get into them unsupervised, and we will see you on the way to better wellness.

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