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Why is where I buy CBD important?

Probably the easiest answer is you need to know what you are buying, first and foremost. It is sad but true that according to the Department of Agriculture, 30% or more of the products on the market today labeled CBD are not. Another batch beyond that are made of hemp seed oil. While hemp seed oil may be healthy, it contains no cannabinoids, therefore no CBD, and simply cannot provide even one glimpse of the benefits that cannabinoids are promising towards your wellness*. That is why it is important to know where to buy CBD oil from a credible, up front, transparent grower/processor dedicated to producing organic CBD oil – cannabidiol oil that is total spectrum, closely monitored, and with your safety and well being in mind first and foremost.

Two other important factors are where the hemp is grown, and how. All Vid-CBD oil is made from organically grown and processed, no-till agriculture practices industrial hemp. Our products are as pure as we can grow, process, and bottle them. They are all grown without pesticides, insecticides, or any other “-cides” that can expose you to anything of any kind that should not be going in your body.

Every plant that goes into any product Vid offers is grown in the United States. We not import any hemp extract. We know each and every grower and monitor his or her farm management to insure the best, cleanest, most bioavailable hemp we can grow. While there are some imports that are good quality, primarily from Europe and from companies with long track records of growing organically for medical research, the vast majority of imports are highly suspect, with no traceable history or provenance, and handle and extracted by who knows what methods. Many we have seen tested from some overseas sources come back laden with heavy metals, pesticide residue, and other unwelcome and even dangerous contents. We believe in supporting local farmers, providing local jobs, and having a complete chain of quality control available, something you cannot have when products are grown and processed overseas.

If it were our bodies, if it were us using something with this much potential for interacting with nearly every critical system inside us, well, we would like to know where the stuff came from, how it was grown, and was the plant and laboratory spotless that it was produced in? Did they make sure there were no pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, GMO’s, or heavy metal contaminants anywhere near the plants or processing? Those questions do not even touch on the social concerns of how their workers were treated, were they paid a fair wage so they could feed their families, and how many miles did it get shipped and for how long and how many carbon and water credits were covered for it coming thousands of miles? HPN believes strongly in protecting your wellness and our planet, while providing the highest quality products we are able to manufacture for our Vid-CBD and other lines.

We strongly believe industrial hemp can help save family farms, and has the potential for making a huge difference in people’s wellness and well being*. We are betting you do, too, and we think you will agree after using our high quality complete profile products.

How do I pick out where to buy CBD products?

When you are deciding what CBD product to try or use, several things come to mind almost immediately about who should get your business. You can see above how we feel about knowing what goes into the product and how the farmers and processors are treated. There is more to it than just that.

You need to take a good look at the packaging, labels, and instructions with every CBD oil product of any type you are thinking about purchasing. It is double or triple sealed to keep the product safe? We child resistant, tamper proof double seal our bottles, use tamper evident droppers, and seal our packaging. Does the label tell you exactly what is in the product, and clearly the concentration and how much the bottle holds? You would be surprised how many companies will not tell you the amount in their packaging. Ours are clearly marked and consistent between all products. Are the instructions clear and easy to follow? Ours are as simple as it gets. Is there a website address and/or other means to contact the company if you have issues or questions? We have a call center available 24/7/365, and do not hide our contact information, because we are above board and transparent in everything we do, as well as being totally legal. Does the label or package make any crazy claims, or does their website? Ours has no unproven claims, and not only is our website listed, so is our address. You can note we are US based, not some foreign country. Does the website tell you where the company is located even? Fully. Or where they are licensed and where their hemp is grown? All in the USA, Colorado and North Carolina, with plants in both locations.

In other words, you need to be a good consumer, but you should be about anything that goes in your body, period. When you go into a store that sells CBD, you do not know how long it has been on the shelf, or how it was stored, let alone where it came from. Supporting independent organic producers puts you in direct contact with knowledgeable, trained people who can answer your questions. You will not get that in a store, even ones selling medical or recreational Cannabis, because their budtenders are trained to deal with a totally different set of information. HPN believes in meeting the need for increased wellness and well-being*, and doing it responsibly. That is why we suggest you start with the lowest dosage full spectrum organic CBD hemp oil we sell first, and then work up in dosage as you may need to reach your wellness goals.

At Vid we never get upset if a customer calls us and asks questions, because we know we need to help them find the real answers to what they need to know. Our website, as you can tell, is straight from the hip. We want to educate our customers because we know healthier people, healthier pets, are happier people and pets. Happier usually means a lot better place for everyone to live together on this big, blue ball.

Can I buy quality CBD oil online?

Yes, you can, and in many ways, it is the best way, since many states are not nearly as far along in cultivation and safe, organic practices for growing industrial hemp as Colorado. We have expanded into growing and processing in North Carolina due to available pristine growing soil and conditions, which allows us to process and ship with less carbon footprint and to get product in your hands faster. Since Colorado was one of the first two states to legalize recreational as well as medical Cannabis, and North Carolina early on was growing under grant for medical research, we have more than a few years experience over most all other states. Thanks to the personal need to heal, HPN’s founder has several decades of knowledge, proprietary cultivation, and technology behind the practices we use to grow our high cannabinoid content hemp.

HPN’s principals are also heavily involved with governmental issues, medical research, and industry standards, all from a pure organic position. When you purchase Vid-CBD, your purchase is via a secured site, with a third party secured payment system. We have a trained group of specialists available at “Call Ruby” to answer your questions. We take great pride in what we do, and stand behind every product we make.

At Vid, helping improve conditions is what it is all about, whether it is your wellness*, the planet, or life in general. We sort of live our lives like that.

You have our word on that.

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