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Our Moral Compass: How HPN Feels About CBD Manufacturing and Marketing

CBD is the old “new” method on the “let’s see what else is out there” wellness* block. Everyone is jumping into the lucrative business model in one form or another. While competition is great and we believe in the American dream of free enterprise, it also concerns us at Vid. We know a lot goes into making a product that is as clean, natural, and good as we can produce it. We spent a lot of energy and money learning how, and spend even more getting it to you. It is not the money investment that has us concerned, though. It is the money people stand to make if they cut corners, and have no moral compass about how they put more in their pockets.

There are some really honorable companies out there that we respect, study, and look up to in the industry. We know they do things right and they work hard to provide the public the best hemp products and information they are able to, hopefully providing a platform for improving the life of the person utilizing their – and our – products. Sadly, there are way too many “companies” who are more worried about stacking up their profit margins than taking care of their customers, over charging, under delivering, and making business models based on massive profits for their up-lines and not the farmer or people in the trenches. Some of them are not even selling what they claim, pure false advertising and taking advantage of the consumer who does not know the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. We try to educate our customers, because we believe that making the choice of adding CBD for life improvement* is a smart one, and we want you to have honest facts about what you are putting into your system.

The approval process and laboratory work required to really know what you are putting out to the public is a long, expensive one. It takes trained scientists, researchers, laboratory technicians, and ultra-clean, constantly monitored facilities. It takes intense attention to detail in the daily care and the raising of hemp plants that those products are made from. It means constant attention to regulations and legalities, constantly in flux and application. It takes a strong moral compass to do the right thing, looking out for your fellow man and being conscious of the planet while still being good, responsible business owners. And, we know you can buy CBD oil a lot of places, and we hope you choose to buy it from Vid.

Our Take on Providing the Best Pure CBD Oil Possible

That is why Vid-CBD takes such a strong stand on quality control and chain of responsibility for all our products. We first manufactured for the medical industry, and doctors were our primary clients. We have very high control standards that start with our seed, and continue from the moment the seed is germinated through shipping and placement of the product at the retail location. We did not even trust the available shipping methods where we had no control over the supply chain – our trained, background cleared representatives hand delivered and set up the racks to doctor offices across the country, making sure triple seals were intact, bottles were undamaged, all instructions were available, and questions answered.

There is considerable expense that goes into manufacturing, and where the materials come from that are in any quality product, and Vid-CBD oil is no exception. There is a lot you have to check, including where the plants are grown, has the soil been tested, what conditions are the plants grown under, and what are the plants exposed to. This covers a range of things from the seed source, the fertilizers and soils used, even the ambient air that is pumped in around the plants. All the Green Growing Best Practices in the world are no good if the plants are bathed in left over fumes from a freeway. At Vid we know where our seed comes from, we painstakingly test our soil, water, and air quality, we only use organic, natural fertilizer and pest control. We want to know every single thing that affects the quality of our hemp, so we can provide you hemp oil – organic CBD oil – that is as good as we possibly can.

The chain of control inside the manufacturing plant is critical. Cannabidiol oil, as a natural product, has a range of temperatures that need maintained during the manufacturing process to keep the integrity and components of the product intact. What we mean by that is get it too hot, it will break down some of the most essential compounds contained in the oil. Get it too cold, you can damage the molecules of the product, causing alteration. Conditions have to be ultra sterile, because we know you want the cleanest, freshest, most bioavailable pure CBD product on the market. Our packaging process is rigorously controlled, with every step monitored to assure an ultra clean, pure product is bottled every time. Our units are triple sealed for your protection, and we post our most current third party laboratory testing results on our website like clockwork.

We are on a mission here at Vid, and it involves you. We believe that natural, full spectrum CBD oil has tremendous potential to help many different issues we face, including health, emotions, psychological and physical well being*, our survival in our environment, and that of our families as well as our loved pets, livestock, and other beings. We feel strongly that utilizing alternative methods towards a healthy life and lifestyle are tantamount to survival in an every increasingly stressed and polluted environment. We take a strong stand in helping however possible to clean up that environment, offering a high quality product at a fair, reasonable price, produced with the best practices we learn and apply. We also give back through an international reforestation program that fights poverty and addresses women’s issues – for more information see TreeSisters under Pass It Forward.

At Vid we do not think taking care of the planet and making good decisions as stewards towards it should be a political football. It is common sense for the survival of the species and the planet, and we want to leave the place better for our children than we inherited it. That is why we strongly believe that responsible “green” agriculture is the best thing, and we responsibility manufacture our products, work hard to control waste, water use, and provide a no-chemical whenever feasible environment while we do it. We apply green best practices in all our fields. We use organically balanced soil, natural compost, no artificial or chemical based fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, or insecticides. We utilize companies that manufacture the products we use in the most sustainable methods we can find. Even down to our UV blocking glass bottles that keep your product healthier, longer, we do everything we can to minimize our footprint.

Trying to be as environmentally and conservation sound is not easy, nor cheap. We are a business. But we also recognize there is a lot of hunger for profit in the CBD and hemp industries. We have a strong social belief that a natural product that has the potential to improve wellness* in so many ways ought to be available at a reasonable, fair price with no stacked on fees for huge marketing programs and maximum profiteering. We believe that a pure spectrum CBD oil product should have everything in it that nature intended. That is why we decided to expand Vid and all our lines – CDXX, Bind, Durango, FIDO, Sanctuary, SANA, and Preservation, nationwide at a price point the average person can afford. It is our goal, it is our mantra, and it is our prayer – Pass it Forward, One Drop At A Time. You will be seeing a lot more products covering a wide range of needs and applications. Our vehicle to pass forward now and to future generations is pure, high quality, natural CBD oil in all its forms.

Do something right for yourself and for the planet. Start with Vid-CBD.

You have our word on that.

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