What You Put In Your Body Matters

Why Pure Spectrum CBD Matters

The old expression “you are what you eat” has a lot of truth to it. What we put in our body and expose it to is what it has to work with to create cells, build bones and muscle tissue, and provide us energy, let alone what is going on in our heads. The whole process is pretty amazing when you think about it, all the parts working together, reliant on other tiny parts to do what they are programmed to do, with what they have to work with. That is why good, healthy nutrition, clean, pure water, unpolluted air, and a little “forest bath time” are good for you. It provides all those complex, marvelous parts what they need to do their job correctly with a whole lot less stress attached.

That is why Vid is so dedicated to making sure we grow the finest quality, no pesticides, no artificial fertilizer, no anything that does not come from Mother Nature hemp we possibly can. We truly believe that for our well being, for the well being of our planet, we have to be responsible stewards to what we raise, and what we produce. That is also why any information we can share with you will be the best we can present, and never a pitch. We want you to make informed decisions about what you choose to utilize for your family and your own wellness and well being* because we know we are all in this together on this big blue ball.

There is an axiom that if you cannot pronounce it or spell it, you probably should not be putting it in your body. When you read our labels, you see plain, easy to read, no games played ingredient lists. We tell you exactly what is in every bottle and what is the concentration. We use only organically grown products, whether it is aerial hemp parts from our organically cultivated plants that our wide spectrum, total sphere of available components CBD is made from, or the MCT (medium chain triglyceride coconut oil, also organic) that we use to blend and stabilize the product. We use the entire plant above the dirt, too, so you get all the best of everything the hemp plant has to offer – cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, phenols, chlorophyll, you name it, it is in our pure spectrum CBD oil. We know all those things Mother put there for a reason, kind of like her chicken soup, and we want to make sure you get them, too.

Wouldn’t Pure CBD Oil Be Better?

You would think so, but not exactly. CBD is a very potent compound, and every single user of the product reacts to it differently*. That is why you will find detailed, specific instructions on how to start slow, at a low amount, and move up from there, as well as discussions about microdosing. You’ll even find a My Vid-CBD Oil Log you can download or print out to keep track of the quantity you use, how you feel, and time and date you use it. Because your body works in harmony with the planet, and sets its own circadian and biochemical cycles, it is important to try to use your pure spectrum hemp oil every day at relatively the same time. Your body will assimilate it better, and make better use of the components through the endocannabinoid system. Consistency is key for the best potential response.

The reason we have different strengths – designated by the “mg” (milligrams) with a number in front on our labels – is to let you know what the strength, i.e. quantity or concentration, is of the hemp CBD extract in that particular mixture. The MCT serves a vital purpose, as cannabidiol oil, CBD, is an oily acid. The actual term is “hydrophobic”, one you will know but probably don’t know the real meaning of – it means something that hates, or dispels, water. Oil and water do not mix. You will see some companies selling all sorts of modified CBD products that claim they are water soluble CBD. They are not. They are encapsulated or chemically changed CBD in order to mix as a suspension in water, often covered in resin or plastic to create balls of water that encircle and encase the CBD. We don’t believe that any chemical alteration to the CBD is a good thing, especially when your body is made to utilize it in its purest form, and the idea of drinking plastic our body has to try and break down or get rid of is pretty gross. Pure organic full spectrum CBD oil has a much higher absorption rate than any altered CBD product according to all studies.

So It Does Contain Pure CBD?

Yes, mixed with MCT, as well as lots and lots of other good stuff contained in total hemp extract – a complete profile. Our MCT is organic coconut oil that is manufactured so it provides medium chain triglycerides, or healthy fats that your body can utilize for fuel much faster. It is also a very good compliment to CBD and allows the body to absorb CBD faster and more completely, thereby getting more of the good stuff into your body quicker, a process called bioavailability. The CBD needs an oil to be able to be more bioavailable. Bioavailability is a pharmacy term that lets you know how much of a tiny dose of an unaltered compound gets into your system, how fast, and how easy or difficult it is. CBD oil needs another oil to mix with to “do its thing”. Fatty acids are distributed best through the circulatory system, and directly into the endocannabinoid system via numerous receptor systems, including the mouth and intestines. That is why we tell our customers to use wide spectrum CBD oil directly under their tongue – sublingually – and to hold it. Blood vessels are very close to the surface under your tongue and the bioavailability, i.e. how well it absorbs, is much higher using this method when enjoying your product. There are lots of ways to utilize CBD, but this is the best one to get the most out of it.

Organic CBD Oil is Just Part of a Healthy Lifestyle*

Just like adding CBD for life and wellness improvement, there are other things that go along with positive changes for wellness*. Clean water and lots of it are extremely important when you utilize CBD, because it might make you a bit thirsty. A diet of whole foods CBD oil included can provide your body the nutrients, fiber, micronutrients, antioxidants, and other building blocks it needs to create, repair, replace, and heal. Taking a stretch break to go get your CBD container or walking outside in the beautiful world we live in helps. We know at Vid in order to thrive CBD is just a potential part of the equation, and is not a cure all. We make no medical claims, but there is a lot of great research coming out from all over the globe looking promising about the potential benefits of organic hemp oil. Find ways that work for you to add organic CBD oil into your daily routine, whether adding to make a CBD shake or smoothie, or getting a stress releasing CBD oil massage (which will also condition your skin). Each way has benefits towards potentially improving your wellness*, with lower stress levels*, better utilization and operation of body systems*, helping with moods and emotions*, and other things.

We just know at Vid that less is usually more, in terms of your body. Give it what it needs, and not just what it wants.

You have our word on that.

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