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I have heard that taking CBD oil will upset my stomach or intestinal tract – Ugh! Please tell me it is not true.

We can tell you it is not true, and we will also tell you why you have heard it.

There is conflicting information out about CBD oil and if it will cause an upset stomach leading to full-blown nausea or diarrhea. Nearly all reputable organizations that are actively involved in researching CBD have come to the same conclusion – in excessively high doses (well past recommendations, and not following dosage instructions) there might in a few individuals who have a chance for a slightly upset stomach or diarrhea. Those doses have nearly always been in individuals far exceeding recommended maximum usage of any CBD product. As for diarrhea, in nearly all cases it was not the CBD that was problematic, it was the ingredients it had been blended with that caused the issues. CBD itself has a very low toxicity rating, and there have been no reported negative effects on the central nervous system, cognition, vital signs, or in negative mood reactions by test subjects or reporting users.

Following CBD dosage instructions is very important

Excess of anything is a problem, even if it is something with potential good. Heck, chocolate will cause all sorts of stomach and intestinal problems fast if you overindulge. The best thing we can tell you is use some common sense and please, follow the directions. If you drink hemp oil or coconut oil, as in drink it, yes it will make you “go”. So will safflower, corn, vegetable, olive, grape seed, and many if not all other oils. That is why grandmas handed out castor oil to fix when you were constipated! It lubricates the bowel and activates the body to create peristaltic action – the “have to go” feeling. Too much of anything is usually not a good idea. Pure organic CBD oil blended with an oil carrier is no exception.

Vid CBD oil is not a compound that if a little is good, a lot is great. Everyone’s body responds differently. Everyone’s levels of usage differs by what they, individually, need to feel their best. That is why we provide specific instructions on the use of the product in every box with every bottle of Vid CBD hemp oil we sell. It is common that people who utilize full spectrum CBD oil have to adjust their dosage down instead of up once their body begins to get healthier and working better*. Often CBD works better through what is called microdosing. See our Learn: Dosage page for more information.

Actually, the opposite is true for total spectrum CBD oil and nausea

One of the uses being heavily researched currently is actually on the opposite effect from stomach upset. It is well known that chemotherapy can cause serious nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach, as well as reduced or eliminated appetite. Clinical trials are showing great promise for the use of CBD and other cannabinoids for the alleviation of chemotherapy nausea responses, without the extreme medication (and cost) currently used to treat chemotherapy nausea with only mixed success. Something that is natural, gentle, and works better would be a big blessing for helping alleviate the discomfort chemo patients’ experience. Additional research is being planned, as cannabidiol also shows promise for reducing other cancer treatment related issues including to improve appetite, tumor reduction due to improved immune response, blood chemistry changes from unhealthy acidic to healthy alkaline, skin rashes alleviated, and other challenges, thereby providing a better environment for the patient’s physical and psychological healing process to begin*.

There are cases where people utilizing CBD oil have reported dry mouth, a slight change in appetite, and some drowsiness or fatigue. It is not known if drowsiness and fatigue are related directly to the CBD intake, or are secondary to the relaxation, reduced anxiety, and mood elevation* that are reported as initial findings by researchers. It could be that when you are less stressed, there are less cortisol (adrenaline, etc.) responses in the body, and you are aware of the relaxation and subsequent drowsiness or fatigue that has been present and that is no longer masked.

CBD doesn’t cause dry mouth, does it?

Dry mouth, or pasties as it is sometimes nicknamed, is an interesting thing. For many years thought to be a problem due to smoking Cannabis and the smoke drying out oral tissue, researchers have learned thanks to medical Cannabis use that any form of any Cannabis product can cause some dry mouth in varying degrees, even gummies. The issue is the really great job cannabinoids do in triggering the endocannabinoid system in your body. When cannabinoids “wake up” the endocannabinoids in your mouth, where there are a lot of those sleepy little receptors, they automatically send messages to tone down the parasympathetic nervous system. That is the system that controls digestion, your intestinal tract, heart rate, and guess what else – saliva production, since it is part of digestion. So yes, taking CBD can cause some limited dry mouth in sensitive individuals. The solution is really simple – sip water. Your body needs it to fix itself, so you get a 2-4-1 on the win-win scale.

Can CBD cause interactions?

One caveat to the possible side effects of CBD is it may interact with some prescription medications, just like grapefruit and some other citrus does, or actually cause your body to require less of a medication due to the improvement in endocannabinoid uptake. We will discuss the possibility of drug interactions or how CBD works with certain kinds of prescription drugs elsewhere on this site, because it is important to know and deserves its own treatment.

Always before starting or adding wide spectrum CBD hemp oil or any supplement to your wellness* regime consult your physician and your pharmacist (since they know more about what you are taking and how they interact) and discuss the use of CBD oil with them. They probably already have done quite a bit of study on the subject.

You have our word on that.

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