Why Natural is Best

Why Natural is Best and Real Works Better

Lots of words are thrown around to describe products that come from the earth and are not altered. There has been a lot of chatter about making some sort of measure for things like “natural”, “pure”, and “free of” by various government agencies. So far the natural, farm to table, and organic market place has policed itself enough to keep those measures from becoming law. Let’s hope we can continue to be responsible to our consumers, and ourselves.

What Does Natural Really Mean?

The dictionary.com definition of natural is “existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.” That is pretty much where we are at in terms of our products at Vid. We know that less is usually more, that the closer to the materials provided by Mother Nature, the easier it probably is for our bodies to assimilate. There is an old saying among people dealing with what goes into formulas that if you cannot say it or spell it, it probably does not belong inside you. While meant as a wry joke, there is some truth to the statement.

When dealing with a system as complex and unexplored to a great extent as the endocannabinoid system is in the human body, the system that CBD works with*, there is a lot of undiscovered territory. Several centuries back we had no clue about the human circulatory system, or even a few decades back, little information about how the human brain worked. Our scope of knowledge continues to expand and adapt as new understanding comes to light. Scientists are continuing to study and work towards understanding the highly complex, finely tuned major assemblage that is the human body and all its intricate systems. Some of those parts do have names you cannot spell or pronounce, but they exist and are part of the natural organism just as assuredly as your arm or eye is.

What does all this have to do with CBD Products?

Cannabis has been used since time began for treating what ails you and recreation. That is fact. While the ancients did not have long, hard to spell names for applying what they knew from the plant world to treat conditions, they had experience and tested by seeing and observing what happened after applying “A” to “B”.

One of the parameters scientists use to see if something fits their wider definition of natural, that being anything that is part of the physical world, is being able to test it to see if it truly is just made of things from the natural world. Just like the ancients did, modern science is continuing to test, to observe, to learn, what CBD, one of hundreds of cannabinoids in Cannabis, do and how they interact with the human condition. Besides cannabinoids there are terpenes, aromatic compounds that scientists believe trigger various reactions and responses in the cell structure, flavonoids, and other agents in Cannabis that work on an intricate, molecular level to integrate, change, adapt, or alter what is going on at the cellular level. And the whole grand picture works in tandem, each part contributing a unique key and piece in the puzzle to put together the whole. It is absolutely a new frontier in medicine that is based on very old tried and true methodology.

Total Spectrum CBD Oil is about as natural as you can get

Vid-CBD is dedicated to growing, manufacturing, and delivering the most natural, most complete, most unaltered CBD oil we possibly can to our customers. We know that putting things in your body is a lifestyle choice you make to improve your wellness*. We are deeply honored by the trust you put in our farmers, our tenders, our lab technicians, our scientists, our plant operators, our packers and shippers. We take your desires and trust very seriously, and we thank you.

Why is packaging so important for CBD oil?

When we talk about natural, we mean just that. Natural, besides coming from the planet, also implies protection from chemicals and agents that do not belong in something you may want to consume. That is why we use glass bottles that meet all UV-spectrum blocking requirements and triple seal all of our products. Glass in inert, in other words, it does not give off any compounds, fumes, or particles like plastic does. (CBD actually absorbs into plastic.) It helps maintain the integrity of the CBD product by blocking various waves in sunlight that could deteriorate your CBD oil. We strongly suggest that you never leave your CBD products in strong sunlight, such as on the dash or in the tray on the console of your vehicle. Both the heat and the light could break down your CBD, making it less potent.

Why Vid Uses MCT for CBD Carrier Oil

MCT is a science abbreviation for Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCT is an organic, man-produced product from a natural one, coconut oil. Coconut oil by nature is over 50% MCT to start, and MCT’s are easy to digest and provide healthy fats in your diet. What the processing does is convert the coconut oil into a denser, more compact, bioavailable compound of MCT. MCT used as a carrier oil, or base, for our total sphere aerial hemp oil provides protection for the CBD and extends its shelf life naturally for up to two years. And, all MCT used in all Vid products is 100% organic.

MCT by itself is an interesting powerhouse for humans. Among the things it does is provide peptide YY and leptin, both hormones that help you feel full. MCT has 10% less calories than the long chain triglycerides found in olive or avocado oils and nuts. MCT may convert to ketones, helping burn fat, and it processes in your system differently. It helps the growth of good bacteria in your gut, making everything else healthier in the process. Scientists now know that one of the most important organs for endocannabinoid work in the human body is the intestinal tract, so everything works together for a healthier outcome*.


MCT also is readily bioavailable, or something the body can easily and readily biologically process into fuel. You will hear us talk a lot about bioavailability. It is important as it provides the easiest, safest, surest way for the body to be able to utilize whatever you choose to put into it. It takes less energy, and the body has to convert less “stuff” to get to the good stuff and utilize it. Less processing, making things easier for the body to capture and move around, provides better utilization of nutrients and materials the body needs or can use.

MCT does not require bile to break down, making it easier for the liver to provide it directly to the body to burn. Scientists are studying how it reduces lactic acid in muscles, which is what makes you sore after a workout. MCT also is being studied as a way to help manage epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and autism. Last, and important, is scientists have discovered that MCT has powerful fatty acids that fight bacteria and yeast growth. They do not know if it is due to MCT containing caprylic, capric, and lauric acids, or other factors as yet, but initial studies are encouraging for more natural ways to fight infections and fungus in hospitals and other areas where less chemicals could mean better outcomes for patients*.

Why We Do What We Do

All these things add up to why we use MCT as our carrier oil in our CBD products. Natural products that have added features and benefits is a win-win. At Vid we believe that Mother Nature had things figured out pretty good before we showed up, and we try to honor that. Of course, all things need to be done in moderation, and MCT should be not be added on top of your other caloric intake. Using good common sense. Being in a good state of balance is always the best choice, no matter what you are doing, taking, thinking, or creating.

You have our word on that.

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