R– Needs registry circle mark Our Moral Compass: Pesticides, Chemicals, and Organic Standards for Hemp Oil CBD 2015 was a rough year for the hemp and cannabis industries in Colorado, thanks to the scandal caused when many growers who claimed to be farming organic or green were caught dumping pesticides on their fields. A number …

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Best Growing Practices

What Does Organic Mean? When you think of an organic product, the first thing that comes to mind are probably words like “clean”, “pure”, “untouched” and “healthy”. We all hope those are part of what has gone into any organic products we use or consume. First let’s define organic and what makes something organic. The …

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Why Natural is Best

Why Natural is Best and Real Works Better Lots of words are thrown around to describe products that come from the earth and are not altered. There has been a lot of chatter about making some sort of measure for things like “natural”, “pure”, and “free of” by various government agencies. So far the natural, …

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