VID Full Spectrum Therapeutic Grade Naturally Occurring CBD + Cannabinoids


Total sphere – Wide Spectrum – Organic

  • Naturally occurring CBD with multiple bioavailable compounds
  • Pure hemp extract from all aerial parts of plant
  • Biodynamically grown and processed for maximum health and wellness benefits*
  • Pesticide, Insecticide, Fungicide, and Artificial Fertilizer FREE
  • 1 oz / 30ml

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Strength / Concentration

300mg, 600mg, 900mg, 1500mg, 2400mg, 3600mg

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Vid-CBD Hemp Extract

Vid-CBD Hemp Extract is a therapeutic grade, whole aerial plant wide spectrum product. It comes packaged in a deep green UV-protective glass bottle with a Pyrex™ borosilicate dropper calibrated for easy dosage metering. All Vid-CBD is GMO and gluten free, pareve, and free of pesticides, heavy metals, insecticides, artificial fertilizers, and many other things you simply do not want going into or on your body.

Vid-CBD is all natural and organically grown using no-till biodiverse pollinator friendly agricultural practices and processing. Our whole aerial hemp extract comes from proprietary cultivars of Cannabis sativa. Our hemp extract has over 20 years of research backing every step from growing location choice through arrival at your door. You want the best, and we work hard to provide you the absolute best hemp extract on the market today.

All HPP hemp extract products contain a wide spectrum, total sphere of as many of the 485+ known cannabinoids, terpenes, cannaflavins, phenols, and other natural compounds occurring in hemp. Our growing and processing assures that as many as possible are retained. This full spectrum provides maximum bioavailability and benefit for your health and wellness.*

Vid-CBD is a hemp aerial parts extract and NOT a cold press extract of hemp seed, a healthy but medically insignificant oil that contains no cannabinoids or other potential health benefits.* You will never find potentially damaging, chemically created isolate in any HPP product – only all the goodness the hemp plant shares naturally with us.

Strength / Concentration

300mg, 600mg, 900mg, 1500mg, 2400mg, 3600mg

More Details

All Vid-CBD Hemp Extract tests well below all federal requirements of at or below .03% THC content, and cannot and will not provide a psychoactive effect. What that means is you might feel better, more calm, or happier, but you will not feel “stoned”, “high”, or “get the munchies”.

Vid-CBD Oil is produced using the safest methods possible at the lowest temperatures possible for each specific portion of the aerial parts of the plant. It is then blended through sonication (sound waves) to assure even component distribution and consistent concentrations.

The flower portions of Vid-CBD extract go through low temperature decarboxylation to maximize all available concentrations of naturally occurring compounds. All Vid-CBD hemp extract is blended with MCT – medium chain triglyceride coconut oil – as the carrier oil, allowing improved bioavailability and extended stability after opening.

All Vid products should be stored out of direct sunlight and direct heat at all times. It is strongly recommended you refrigerate your hemp extract after opening for maximum shelf life and terpene retention.

All HPP hemp products are third-party independent laboratory tested, and the most current results are available under Lab Results, sorted by concentration. Results will be listed as Vid labeled materials. We test every batch, every time, for concentrations, heavy metals, pesticides and residues, microorganisms, and other factors. This assures you know what, how much, and most importantly what you are not getting exposed to by utilizing HPP products for wellness.*

Vid-CBD extract is rich in compounds, healthy and nutritious, and low in calories. It has a high concentration of CBD and other compounds found in hemp believed to assist with a wide range of health issues, and may contribute to your wellness and well-being.*

Please visit our Learn – Dosage page for information about how to choose the strength appropriate for your wellness plan, as well as dosing instructions. A dosing instruction insert is also included in all product packages. Everyone’s body biome and chemistry is different, and your dosage probably will differ from a friend or family member based on what your body needs to attain wellness and health.* At HPP we suggest to start with “less is more”, at a lower strength and increasing if a more potent response is needed. The amazing wide spectrum of compounds found in Vid-CBD products provides the best potential of any hemp extract on the market for your body’s individual chemistry to aid improved well being and life balance.*

We suggest you download and utilize the Learn – Dosage – CBD Log to provide the best information and feedback for your own particular needs. The Log allows you to monitor and track dosage, response, time of day, and other factors that affect how your body responds to hemp extract. You may actually find you need to decrease your dosage after a while as your body begins to remember and correct itself to wholeness. Each person is different, and that is why keeping a Log is helpful.

All Vid-CBD Hemp Extract comes in dark green UV-protective glass bottles with easy to use, calibrated, tamper evident Pyrex™ borosilicate droppers. All bottles are sealed with a child resistant cap and shrink wrapped.

Please note that you must be 18 years of age to purchase HPP products.

*HPP products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult with your doctor before modifying your diet or taking new products.

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