Before we start to tell you how and what to do with your full spectrum CBD hemp oil, there are a few things to remember or learn about so you know what you are doing matches up to the bottle you are holding in your hand.

All the information below is based on a total sphere, all aerial parts Vid-CBD hemp oil mixture. A mixture is when a substance is distributed through another substance with no chemical reaction. Why is this important? Some companies subject their hemp extracts to extreme heat, or other processes including chemical ones that do not include full distillation specific to removal of those chemicals. Sometimes the chemicals react, making other substances. This information will become a lot more important when you visit our pages about Vaping and Medicinal Use. It is important to know what is going into your body if your goal is wellness and well-being*.

All Vid products make use of all the aerial parts of the Cannabis plant. That means you are getting all the good stuff from everything that has been kissed by the sun, drunk from the clean waters of the Earth and fed on natural, organic nutrients only. When we extract the thick, sticky hemp oil from all those parts and blend them (the flowers, due to oil content, have to go through a slightly different process), we have a very highly concentrated, total spectrum hemp oil mixture of everything the hemp has to offer. Being a natural, organic, carbon based unaltered product, it is not stable without refrigeration. To make the hemp oil stable, we mix it with organic MCT – a medium chain triglyceride coconut oil, which makes the cannabinoids, cannaflavins (flavonoids), phenols and terpenes more bioavailable, or in other words, you can absorb them better and easier. MCT is highly nutritious and healthy in its own right, but the two as a mixture stabilizes the hemp extract, allowing it to be viable (good) for two years.

It is important to refrigerate your full spectrum hemp oil after you open it, but never allow it to freeze. Even though mixed with MCT, it will help the integrity of the product to maintain potency and especially keep the terpenes and cannaflavins intact. Both of those elements are delicate and can denigrate through incorrect storage.

Speaking of storage – never leave your bottle or container of any Vid hemp product in your car, in a window, or elsewhere that it is subject to heat, freezing, or high intensity artificial lights. You want to get all the best of what is available in your product, and just like any other organic product, it works longer and better if you take care of it.

What is the correct way to take total sphere, all aerial parts organic Vid-CBD hemp oil?

In every carton of Vid product you will find an instruction sheet. It is important to follow the instructions, and do not “jump ahead” unless you have already utilized a full spectrum, organic hemp oil product that is chemically comparable and you know how you body responds to particular dosages. Even then, please be reasonable and do not up a dosage until you have used our product. Due to our processes and proprietary hemp stains we use, our product is potent.

Assuming you are starting fresh, though, these are the instructions to correctly use the product:

1. Start with ¼ dropper from the 300 mg CBD mixture. This will be the .25 ml mark on your dropper, the bottom line. The bottom of the half bubble, or meniscus, should be at the line. Make sure to not have a drip at the bottom of the dropper tube, and squirt the oil under your tongue without touching the dropper to your tongue or mouth. Hold it under your tongue for 90 seconds, without swallowing, swishing, or moving the oil around. This allows the oil to absorb into your bloodstream, as this is the closest point to the surface your circulatory system goes in your body. Take this dosage once in the morning, and once in the evening. Try to take the dose at or near the same time morning and night for the best overall effect. Continue for 3 days.

2. If after 3 days you do not feel the desired effect(s) you are seeking,
increase the dosage by 100%, to the ½ dropper or .5 ml mark and repeat the same steps for 3 days.

3. If after 3 more days you still do not feel the desired effect(s) you are seeking,
increase by the same increment of 1/4 dropper/.25 ml. Continue this dosage increase pattern of ¼ dropper increase intervals until you reach the desired effect(s). This will determine your optimal dose.

If you have questions or feedback, please send in our contact form or “Call Ruby” and one of our experienced specialists will be with you as soon as possible. Our help line is 24/7/365 and live Monday – Friday 6 am – 10 pm MT (Mountain Time), and Saturday and Sunday 7 am – 7 pm MT.

719.399.5059 or TOLL FREE 844.611.7782

How much am I really taking? How do I figure it out?

Hint: We have made it a whole lot easier and taken the guesswork and math stress out of properly using Vid-CBD oil as a supplement. See the aforementioned detailed instructions. But if you are interested, here you go.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what is in bottles of CBD oil. Sometimes it is CBD, sometimes it is isolate mixed with who knows what. Sometimes it is hemp seed oil (a lot of times) and it has never seen anything that even looks like full spectrum CBD hemp oil extract. So the first thing you need to look at is the ingredient list and contents.

Calculating dosages is a little tricky, but you can figure it out pretty well if you want to know. Let’s go back and do some pesky math for you “need to know and suffered through metric” types.

If you look at a bottle of HPN full spectrum CBD hemp oil, you will notice two distinct things that look like measurements (because there are two distinct things),

Something that says “XXXX mg”

which is the total amount of hemp extract and its concentration in that mix,

and another that says

“30 ml”.

30 ml is how much is in the whole bottle, hemp extract mixed with MCT.

All of our full spectrum CBD hemp oil products are bottled in 30 ml quantities. Why? To maintain integrity and batch control. We know that once you open a bottle of our oil, and you take care to refrigerate it, it will hold for 2 years. With high spectrum, complete organic hemp extract there is no need to create big bottles that are mostly coconut oil, or more often, hemp seed or grape seed oil, with the same concentration as a small bottle, just to make you think you are getting a whole lot of something for your money, because you are not. You are paying for a weakened solution that is not going to have the potential to assist your wellness quest like concentrated, pure, organic, wide spectrum extract.

Look at the dropper in your bottle, and you will notice it marked off with the top line equaling 1 ml (one milliliter).

Doing a little math, that means that if you take ¼ of a dropper or .25 ml each time you take a dose, there are 4 doses per full dropper…. and one dropper = 1.0 ml.

 4 x 30ml = 120 doses total are in the bottle

if you are taking it in .25/ml amounts each time you dose. That means if you are taking that amount twice a day, 120 total doses / 2 = 60 days of oil. If you upped dosage to .5ml/twice a day, it would be a 30 day supply, and so on.

What if you hit the 1.0 ml mark and it is still not quite giving you the effects you are seeking? You need to continue to increase your dosage level, or increase the strength of the hemp extract you are using. Vid produces 300 mg, 600mg, 900mg, 1500mg, 2400 mg, and 3600 mg. If you are dealing with a health challenge, and the dosage schedule above is not meeting your needs, please call our specialists to discuss your particular situation.

How do I know if I need to Order a Stronger Concentration?

First let’s talk about concentration. You will notice on all our hemp oil products there is a number followed by “mg” or milligrams. Milligrams are based on 1000 mg = 1 gram, so when you see “300 mg”, that means there are 300 parts hemp extract per 1000 milligrams of product in that bottle. We offer 300mg, 600mg, 900mg, 1500mg, 2400mg, and 3600mg concentrations of full spectrum CBD hemp oil, all in 30ml bottles. Our CBD cream for pain (for topical use only) comes in 200mg, 500mg, and 1000mg, with a special blend to handle ouchies on children of 200 mg.

Due to the unique way cannabinoids work with each individual’s particular body, we suggest you follow the dosage instructions as stated. However, if you feel you are not getting the response you expect, or that your conditions, health concerns, or you have an immediate need to deal with something more demanding and would benefit from assistance, please contact “Call Ruby” at Vid-CBD, our trained specialists, at the numbers below. We have trained professionals in the industry and within research fields that can provide feedback. Our team can be reached via our contact form, or by calling “Ruby”, our trained phone team. They are available live Monday – Friday 6 am – 10 pm MT (Mountain Time), Saturday – Sunday 7 am – 7 pm MT. You can also leave a message with a receptionist any time outside business hours, 24/7/365, and one of our trained specialists will contact you back as soon as possible. Please leave the best times to reach you, contact information, and an alternative such as an email address, or let us know if a text is preferred. Please do not leave detailed medical information in a message due to HIPPA regulations, as we want your privacy respected and take protecting your medical information seriously.

The numbers are 719.399.5059 or TOLL FREE 844.611.7782

More is not necessarily better – listen to your body

More does not necessarily mean the right thing to do when it comes to cannabidiol oil. Everyone’s body is different, everyone metabolizes at a different rate, and everyone has their own list of prescription medications, supplements, the quantity of water you consume each day, and other things that are individual to them, and each person responds uniquely to their circumstances. .

Because of the unique way cannabidiol oil works to bind the endocannabinoids to the receptors, thus making them more bioavailable for the body to utilize, it is important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. While there are no known issues, ever, of an overdose of pure, organic CBD hemp oil, you can take too much and have a stomachache or an intestinal response. Usually this is when the product you are using has questionable ingredients, and is not a pure product like our Vid and other lines. It also is when you literally drink the stuff, and we do not mean a few drops of CBD oil in a smoothie. Yeah, we know, pretty weird to think about, but it does happen, so please, follow our dosage instructions for the best results.

You can, however, use too much or too strong a concentration beyond what your body needs to regain homeostasis or balance in the endocannabinoid and other systems. The usual response is your body will have a reverse effect on what you were gaining benefits to address and not feel as much response, or a significantly diminished response. You can always back down on your dosage and everything will be good. This is why we suggest keeping a log so you know when you took your dosage, how much you took, the concentration you took, and a few notes on how it made you feel. Once you get the hang of it and establish a healthy habit for timing and your own sweet spot for how you feel, you might not need to write it down. We have found, though, a log is very helpful when you start out, or when dealing with a new issue. We have placed a simple, handy CBD Log you can download to your device and fill out, or print and use an old fashioned writing utensil to keep track of things on, extra doodle space at no charge.

Microdosing – what is it and how do I do it?

Many people who utilize CBD oil as a supplement to improve their wellness and well-being* find that microdosing works really well for them.


Microdosing is another way of utilizing your hemp oil to level out its effects on your unique metabolism and body. Usually done with medications that work on anxiety and mood, microdosing works similar to breaking meals into six small meals a day where you eat small portions and never get hungry or have the rush then reduction in glucose, protein, or carbohydrates, depending on the purpose you eat that way to achieve a particular result in your system. When you break your CBD doses into small portions spread over the day, there is some evidence that overall you may need a lesser total amount of CBD and will be less aware of the effects. If you are one of the people who tend to get sleepy after taking wide spectrum CBD oil, this might work for you. The challenge is to break your dosage down small enough and in even increments. It can be a challenge for people without titration equipment, but if you are on a sufficiently large dosage to help your system deal with a chronic issue, this might be the ticket for you.

Just like any use of CBD oil, you need to be consistent in time of day and how much you consume. Self-reporting research shows that making sure you use the same dosage each time seems to help with the consistent, even regulation of endocannabinoids so they can work with the body at top efficiency. As we find more research and information we can validate for you, we will make sure to put it on our page updates at Wellness and Think About It.

How do I know how much full spectrum CBD hemp oil I should take?

Everyone is different and has different issues, their metabolism is different, and their body reacts differently to different things. Weight, height, percentage of body fat, hydration levels, do make a difference, but not as much as what your body has going on chemically. Someone whose endocannabinoid system is under a lot of strain from outside stress, anxiety, environmental pollutants, PTSD, serious health concerns or other issues is going to react very differently than someone dealing with chronic pain. The more you listen to your system, the more you will sense a resolution to the symptoms* when the opportunity arises to help achieve wellness*. Only you can tell. HPN/Vid-CBD does not prescribe, recommend, or infer any cure or treatment. What you need to do for your own wellness* and well-being is up to you.

How is dosage tied to organic CBD oil?

A better question might be “Is dosage of a wide spectrum organic CBD hemp oil different than some other products?” and our self-reporting researchers offer a loud “Yes!” You will immediately notice it in the taste, fragrance, and feel when you utilize Vid-CBD products. The best word we can use is that it is all more pronounced, earthier, vivid, alive, all in a very pleasant way. Organic extracts with no artificial anything tend to be more bioavailable, more readily easy for your body to uptake, assimilate, and utilize, and often more potent. From that standpoint, we refer you to our dosage instructions. You may find that a much lower dosage to start provides much different, and usually improved, effects than other products you may have encountered.

Can I use the same CBD dosage for a child as I take?

There is a lot of research going into CBD and children, and recently the FDA approved the use of a very high potency, pure CBD isolate to be used as a treatment for two forms of rare but nearly always fatal epilepsy, Dravet’s Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Research is continuing on how CBD in lower doses may affect other forms of epileptic seizure, autism, ADHD, and other childhood health challenges. HPN stands firm to have you check with your child’s doctor or pediatrician before you start, add, or change any supplement in your child’s diet. Children respond differently than adults to many compounds, and CBD and cannabinoids are proving to be one of them.

Children metabolize things at a different rate and differently than adults do. It might seem odd, but research has shown that children can usually tolerate higher doses of Cannabis oil concentrates than adults. So far little has been put to trial regarding total spectrum CBD hemp oil with children. It is never a good idea to try and figure out an adult dosage based on literature for children’s or preclinical animal research, period. Please refer to the aforementioned dosage instructions that are based on many years of research at High Plateau Nutraceuticals, the makers of Vid-CBD.

Once you have spoken to your pediatrician or family doctor, if you have questions, please contact us. While we can not recommend or prescribe*, we can refer you to appropriate literature to further educate you on the current research regarding children and the potential use of organic CBD oil.

How do I figure out a dosage for my pets? I have read that CBD for dogs helps with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Research into how animals respond to CBD oil usually is data from pre-clinical research projects. That said, many people have started utilizing full spectrum CBD products for their pets and livestock, and self-reporting is encouraging. CBD has been used for arthritis, pain and tissue healing related to hip dysplasia and injuries, intestinal disorders, and even behavioral issues in pets. Vid suggests you speak with a veterinary that already utilizes hemp extracts in their practice for dosage instructions and general information about what conditions hemp extract may assist with. A general rule of thumb for canines or felines is 1-5 mg of CBD oil per 10 pounds of body weight. If you are treating the animal for pain, it is suggested to administer it every 8 hours. If it is for other issues or to break unwanted behaviors, administering 1-2 times per day usually is adequate.

Different species have different amounts of receptors and therefore will respond differently and over different time frames. Generally you should be able to see a change in behavior, range of motion, or perceive comfort of the animal within 30-60 minutes. Make sure to provide plenty of clean filtered or spring water. Follow minimum dosage suggestions as any kind of oil may increase intestinal processing in any animal. Some animals also become sleepy when using CBD, so make certain they are in a safe environment at all times when administering the solution.

While allergic reactions are extremely rare in animals, it is always good to monitor them for reactions when first adding any supplement to their diet. It is also a good idea to follow the same standards for your pets and livestock as you do for yourself in choosing a whole spectrum CBD hemp oil product. Animals are much more sensitive as a rule to many toxins, pesticides, insecticides, and other materials. Using organically grown and produced product manufactured by knowledgeable people who have decades of background in animal husbandry is the safe bet. HPN’s founding staff have many years of zoological and animal husbandry background, and are actively involved in research utilizing Vid-CBD oil products as a natural supplement to improve health* in animals.

One thing anyone looking to add a hemp product into a pet, hoof stock, exotic, or other animal’s diet is this – THC can be deadly in very small doses to many animals. It is never suggested to use a medical or recreational Cannabis product intended for human consumption for your animals. HPN will be releasing a well-researched group of veterinary grade products for your critters in the near future, so watch our What’s News? area for an announcement.

Our Final Word on CBD Dosage and Use

Please, follow the dosage instructions. You will be glad you did, and we are pretty certain you will be very pleased with the improved well-being you experience*. We like to think our customers are here to begin with because they have some common sense about taking care of themselves how it was intended to start with way back when. Everything we do at Vid/High Plateau Nutraceuticals is about respecting your choice to take charge of your wellness. We try and do our part through growing and making the best organic full spectrum botanical hemp oil extract we can, one drop at a time.

You have our word on that.

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