Why HPN Feels Embedding Restoration in Our Company Is So Important That we Fundraise in Aid of TreeSisters

“What befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the Earth.” – Chief Seattle

Taking care of the planet is a primary belief among the people involved at High Plateau Nutraceuticals, the parent company for Vid-CBD. Having been involved in conservation work since childhood, we know that like to admit it or not, we humans have done a lot of damage to our beautiful, amazing blue ball out here floating around the cosmos. We really do believe in our company mission statement that says we want to pass it forward so people, pets, and the planet are happier and healthier. It was important for us to find a group to support that coincided with our belief and mission for humanity and the world we live in.

We looked around at the many conservation-type programs that are doing good work and after a lot of deliberation, we have decided to support one with a multi-faceted mission involving trees, poverty, and inclusion. HPN has decided to embed restoration, or reforestation, as it is more commonly known, into our structure. Our chosen group is TreeSisters, based in the UK. TreeSisters plants trees in subtropical regions around the world that have suffered damage to ecosystems, have poverty issues, and where women need employment. Their planting projects help restore those ecosystems and create livelihoods while helping protect the planet against climate change.

TreeSisters is unique in that they promote and foster women’s participation in the programs, while utilizing indigenous species of trees for planting while fostering local knowledge and skills. They work hard to be intelligent, act appropriately for the culture and ecosystem, and respectful of the social situations surrounding the communities chosen to restore.

Some of our friends asked us why a Colorado based company so geared at only growing their hemp in America would be so interested in the subtropics and trees. We asked them, “Why not?” Trees offer one of the most valuable resources known to man in this critical time in planetary history. Current climate alterations and warming trends, outside the norms that have been charted back hundreds of years, are threatening life on our planet. Trees help cool the planet, process carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, provide desperately needed shade, food, homes to many species, and many other functions. They are one of the most important carbon sinks on the planet due to the high amount of CO2 they can take up, process, and then store the excess carbon.

Kind of like hemp. A lot like hemp.

Industrial hemp when grown with green practices, biologically sustainable field conditions in the great outdoors is one of the best plants for being able to take in, process, and then store excess carbon from the atmosphere. Working to aid a program like TreeSisters seemed pretty logical to us, so we have offered to fundraise in aid of their restoration programs by contributing $1 for every product we sell through our website. TreeSisters hopes to plant 1,000,000 trees in eight major ecosystems including those in Madagascar, India, Brazil, Kenya, and Nepal.

We know that we have to take personal responsibility to help our planet, and it has to be now. We cannot wait on someone else, or some government body, to “do” something. We know from years of conservation work that reestablishing and restoring ecosystems has a big payback to the communities they are near, and to the planet as a whole. Greenways are reestablished so animals can move through their traditional territories, watersheds are restored helping to revitalize swamps, marshes, wetlands, small ponds, creeks, and even springs coming back alive, supplying critical water to the local flora and fauna as well as the populations in the region.

Both HPN and TreeSisters knows that in order to see change really make a difference, we have to educate people about why things are important. Ecological restoration should be an automatic thing done by all people, all businesses from our perspective. Making restoration and reforestation a priority in our corporate culture insures that the diverse, vetted, trusted reforestation projects that TreeSisters works with while encouraging women’s leadership and cultural awareness is the right thing to do.

If you would like more information about TreeSisters, or are interested in their network of treesisters worldwide that are working to transform both lives and the planet, visit their site at www.treesisters.org. We will share information about their projects, events they are involved in you might be interested in, and other information as time goes on.

You have our word on that.