CDXX CBD Oil 2400mg


Total sphere – Wide Spectrum – Organic

All aerial parts CBD oil from hemp

Labeled to protect your privacy

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CDXX Premium Therapeutic Grade Hemp Extract


CDXX Premium Therapeutic Grade Hemp Extract is exactly the same high quality product as our Vid-CBD Oil, but labeled without the mention of CBD, cannabinoids, or other information on the label or packaging.

Helpful when you travel, or wish to protect your privacy, CDXX is packaged in a white enameled UV-protective glass bottle that can not be seen through.

CDXX Premium Therapeutic Grade Hemp Extract is all natural, organically grown and processed hemp extract from propriety cultivars of Cannabis sativa.

CDXX contains a wide spectrum, total sphere of as many of the 485+ known cannabinoids, terpenes, cannaflavins, phenols, and other natural compounds found in hemp as are possible to retain.

CDXX is a hemp aerial parts extract and NOT a cold press extract of hemp seed, a healthy but medically insignificant oil that contains no cannabinoids or other potential health benefits.*

More Details

All VID CBD™  Premium Therapeutic Grade Hemp Extract tests well below all federal requirements of at or below .03% THC content, and cannot and will not provide a psychoactive effect.

VID CBD™ is produced using the safest methods possible at the lowest temperatures possible for each specific portion of the aerial parts of the plant, then blended through sonication (sound waves) for even distribution and consistent concentrations.

The flower portions of VID CBD™ extract go through low temperature decarboxylation to maximize VID CBD™ concentrations. All VID CBD™ hemp extract is blended with MCT, medium chain triglyceride coconut oil as the carrier oil, allowing improved bioavailability and extended stability after opening.

All VID CBD™ Extract oil should be stored out of direct sunlight and direct heat at all times. It is strongly recommended you refrigerate your oil after opening for maximum shelf life and terpene retention.

All VID CBD™ Premium Therapeutic Grade Hemp Extract is third-party independent laboratory tested, the results of latest testing available on our Lab Results menu sorted by concentration. Results will be listed as Vid labeled materials.

VID CBD™ extract is rich with a high concentration of CBD and other compounds found in hemp believed to assist with a wide range of health issues, and may contribute to your wellness and well-being*.

Each bottle of VID CBD™  Extract comes with complete, easy to follow dosage instructions, or they can be found on this site under Learn: Dosage. We suggest you download and utilize the Learn: Dosage – CBD Log to provide the best information for your own particular needs as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact our “Call Ruby” line during the stated hours on our Support page.

All CDXX Premium Therapeutic Grade Hemp Extract comes in UV-protective glass bottles with Pyrex tm calibrated, tamper evident droppers for easy dosing. All bottles are sealed with a child resistant cap, as well as shrink wrapped. Must be 18 years of age to purchase.

*CDXX products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult with your doctor before modifying your diet or taking new products.