HPP Respects Your Privacy

HIPPA/CCPA/GDPR: HPP takes your privacy very seriously. All client information is processed by means of secure transmission and file storage systems. Your information is never disclosed, sold, or discussed with anyone. If you have any questions about the security of your personal or medical information, please contact High Plateau Pharmaceuticals through our contact form, or a call TOLL FREE (844) 611-7782 or Direct at (719) 399-5059 M – F 6AM – 10PM or S – S 7AM – 7PM MT. You can leave a message outside those hours 24/7/365.

If you would like information on discounts, news, new product releases, specials and discounts, events we are participating in, our partnerships with conservation groups, and wellness for performance and conditions, please provide us your email address in the provided box above the page bottom. We do use MailChimp® and other email distribution systems, including direct contact via email when pertinent to your interests. We will confirm you wish to enroll in our notices, and you can opt out at any time about receiving contact. If you sign up at a show, drop off a card, ask for information, we take that as an “ok” to stay in contact with your company. You can also keep up with our specials, educational releases, news, and updates on FaceBook and Instagram – just look for High Plateau Pharmaceuticals or the Vid-CBD pages.

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