Robert Mussen, owner of the company who had amassed all the data from several decades of study on Cannabis’s unique properties had suffered for many years with a misdiagnosed condition. After eight years, it was discovered to be a very advanced, stubborn form of cancer. Robert began to look around for a natural option to deal with the condition he faced, since he knew from experience allopathic medicine offered little in the way of treatment for his diagnosis that would not end poorly. 

After trial and error, and through lots of different sources he found information about Cannabis being used in other countries to treat similar conditions. 

Robert found a way to work around the legality issues, and after months on the treatment, his condition not only improved, but went into remission. He has been in full remission for over 20 years. Not only has he remained in remission, he regained full use of his physical being and life, something conventional medicine said just was not possible. He was so encouraged that he continued to learn what he could, studied the genetics of the Cannabis plant, and hoped for a day when he could pass on his wisdom to others for potentially improving their own health.

Robert quickly learned that most doctors were very receptive to a natural alternative to opiates, especially given the addiction issues plaguing the country. Realizing he had made solid choices in his painstaking processes to bring a real, authentic, natural product directly to the consumer, the dream had come to fruition. What came next was a grassroots effort to see integrity, honesty, and quality standards set that as a community, all hemp growers and processors could run a business while taking care of the public. Important to him was that his final product could be sold at a price well below what the market would bear price was. He knew that a high quality product, if made available at a price point people who needed it could afford, might have great potential helping their well being and wellness.

 VID- CBD was born. 

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