Why is High Plateau Nutraceuticals So Different?

You have a lot of choices out there when you start to look for a CBD product to add to your daily supplement routine. There are not nearly as many when you are looking for a high quality product that you know has a very wide spectrum, is processed to maximize the component retention from hemp, and is organically grown and processed. We know that, and if you don’t mind sharing a few minutes of time, we would like to share what makes our High Plateau Pharmaceuticals/High Plateau Nutraceuticals products so different, and in our humble opinion, better than nearly anything else on the market. If we sound a bit proud of our products, it is because we are. We also know there are some things you need to watch out for when you shop for something this important with the potential to assist with your wellness and well-being*.

HPN came about after years of study about the effects Cannabis extracts were having on various medical conditions being researched around the world. Since it was illegal for upwards of 70 years for industrial hemp to be grown in the United States, little work had been done here to see what hemp might provide to health and industry. The US was importing it by the droves, though, and not allowing our farmers to make a living growing it. It was an unfortunate and unnecessary series of events that hurt farmers, cost a lot in trade, and failed to provide the opportunity to use the best of the hemp plant for human health. There is more on the history and topic of hemp under Learn: Hemp and Philosophy. Take time to read it and you will see that like many things, money, politics, and human nature all had a role in what we think was a series of poor decisions overall for the hemp industry.

Hemp shares its resources with over 25,000 products that can be made from it, ranging from medicinal goods to rope and fiber to biofuel. Since our interest were the health possibilities (see About), we settled on wide spectrum, as close to natural as possible for best bioavailable CBD concentrated hemp oil we could possible make.

The reason we settled on total sphere CBD hemp oil is it contains it all. When HPN grows and produces it, we utilize the full aerial parts of the hemp plant grown from proprietary bred cultivars – strains – that we have carefully selected for their high CBD and other cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid, and other characteristics and concentrations. We grow and process organically. We package in UV protective glass to protect the quality of our products, and use all organic carrier ingredients to insure long shelf life. We are non-GMO, non-GE, do not test on animals, are Pareve (non-dairy or meat kosher), gluten free, and use green growing practices including sustainable no-till planting.

We want you to have the most bioavailable product with all the parts that are needed to fully work together from the Cannabis plant we can possibly provide, at an affordable price. We truly believe full spectrum CBD hemp oil provides enormous potential for wellness* for both people and their animals. At HPN we take our social responsibility seriously, and it extends to our buying in to restorative reforestation programs we aid.

When you go to purchase a CBD product, please read carefully. Read the box, read the label, and pull up the company website. Make sure what you are getting is what you think you are getting, and make sure what you are paying for really is what you are paying for. Sadly, unless you are buying from HPN or a handful of other honest, ethical producers, you most likely are not getting what you think. Too much product for sale in the marketplace is created with harsh processing by chemicals, is hemp seed oil and not CBD oil, or is isolate reconstituted. None of those will provide the wide range of some 485+ components found in hemp extract that contribute to the entourage effect, and some of those “unreal” additives are proving potentially detrimental to your wellness. Always read, and ask, for pure, low temperature processed organic wide spectrum CBD oil, like Vid-CBD products.

We are continuing to work hard to get our own industry to regulate itself, to remove potentially dangerous products from the market and especially from the hands of youth. HPN continues to push for standardization of labeling so consumers know what they are getting, 100% of the time. We will continue to push for research and transparency so farmers and producers who honestly care about you and not controlled by corporate ledgers still have the ability to grow and produce CBD oil with the potential for human good*.

You have our word on that.

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