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Neuroprotection and the Blood-Brain Barrier

What Is a Neuroprotective Agent? Neuroprotective agents are an exciting new field of study in pharmacology studying interventive agents that help protect the brain and its neural networks from the damage other things can create or cause. Neuroprotective agents are sought out to help prevent or counteract damage created by …


Tummy Talk

I have heard that taking CBD oil will upset my stomach or intestinal tract – Ugh! Please tell me it is not true. We can tell you it is not true, and we will also tell you why you have heard it. There is conflicting information out about CBD oil …


Brain dam infertility addictive

As with any new item that has a lot of potential and might just be healthy for you*, there are questions we hear over and over we would like to tackle head on, such as… I have heard CBD damages brain cells – true? Since industrial hemp was illegal to …


What You Put In Your Body Matters

Why Pure Spectrum CBD Matters The old expression “you are what you eat” has a lot of truth to it. What we put in our body and expose it to is what it has to work with to create cells, build bones and muscle tissue, and provide us energy, let …

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