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Difference Between Hemp and CBD Oil

What is the difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil? Before we can really answer that question, we need to define what each one is, and is not. Both sets of facts are very important for you to make a good consumer decision and to know exactly what you are …


Med Hemp vs Med Cann

What is the difference between medicinal hemp and medical Cannabis? While both hemp, a term generally used to describe Cannabis grown for industrial use, and Cannabis grown for medical or recreational purposes, are from the same basic plant, the uses and traits it is grown for, strains cultivated, and specialty …


Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

So what is the difference between hemp and Cannabis? Least we sound really confusing, there isn’t any, but there is… sort of. Let us explain. Both industrial hemp grown for total spectrum CBD oil and nearly 25,000 other uses (holy moley, yes, you read that right) and Cannabis grown for …


Everything Hemp

Everything Hemp You Ever Wanted To Know To really understand the big picture of why cannabidiol oil or CBD oil as a product from hemp is so important, you have to take a look at hemp’s history and what else hemp is good for. Hemp is one of the natural …

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